Just A Very Handsome Man Smoking


Just A Very Handsome Man Smoking



  1. On seeing this Will Psquare still say “NO BODY UGLY”?

    All things bright and BEAUTIFUL GOD MADE THEM ALL.😛

    He cld be the most handsome in someone’s world. Love is blind, patience and unconditional.😁

  2. If you check his neck and the fingers he’s using to smoke then compare to his face, you will see he’s wearing a mask, the neck and fingers look fresh like a young man. This is 2018, una no fit deceive me.

  3. Those of you who your Facebook profile says, “Living in UK and working in Lagos.”

    I’m not saying you are lying.

    I’m just bothered… How are you coping with the transport fare?

  4. This looks like a mask of Hollywood quality. To many things noticeable that it’s not real , good but not real . If you look into the mouth you can really tell and the out side skin seems to loose in spots .

  5. This brother need Jesus in his life right now while you can God love you so much that he have his son so you could be free from the penalty of sin for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life

  6. I was shocked today when I heard my neighbor telling her son the difference between Email and Gmail.
    She said Email is when you use Electricity to send mail while Gmail is when you use Generator to send mail 😃😃😃😃

  7. His Marijuana wrap is almost as fat a Shawarma. If Rsstas think the late Bob Marley got inspired by grass, well this one will aspire you to “brain rumble, cancer n early exit to yonder”!

  8. والله تذكرتك بس تكبر هيك رح تصير على الحاويات تتخمخم Fawaz Alsayad بألمانيا وأنت الثاني Jilijliyya Black Panther بأمريكا بل الكرتين نايم مشرد ههههه


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