“I’ve never experienced a non-Jewish community so welcoming, so open-hearted and…


“I’ve never experienced a non-Jewish community so welcoming, so open-hearted and so friendly” – why are ultra-Orthodox Jewish families so impressed with the Essex seaside? (via BBC Stories)



  1. Jews already have a big, rich, powerful country. It’s called USA. This is what I’ve never been able to understand about the Zionist hell bent drive to rob Palestinians of their country.

  2. We lived in Bushey Heath in the 1990’s.It was a predominately Jewish area and we ran a shop there. We are very friendly people and the business did well BUT Jewish people did keep themselves separate . I was involved with girl guides and the whole district met up. The Jewish brownie pack sat away from the rest of us and would not mix . Now I am NOT anti Semitic but my experience indicates Jewish people do not integrate well with “ gentiles”….. and we were called gentiles openly many times

  3. Why is this only on BBC news now the programme was on two weeks ago – Canvey is not bad – over crowded ti’s only a little place and the residents are great, the downside to it is the traffic especially in rush hour and when there’s an accident

  4. There’s no reason why people from vastly different cultures can’t live together. As long as they don’t trample all over each other’s ways and rights. Unfortunately though as we are seeing right now, the group that complains the loudest and plays the victim card forces everyone around them to change their way of life to suit newcomers. If it isn’t fair then it won’t work.

  5. Worrying when other nationalities and religions don’t mix with people that differ from them. Not natural. Stop all non secular education. Don’t make people different

  6. Wherever they go they tend to like being in a place on their own; all through history they have done this. Its part of what sets them aside from others; like they dont WANT to be a part of the bigger picture, they want to be the picture itself.

  7. it was jewish people that first introduced the fried fish to britain that we have with our chips. I’m not sure why i found it necessary to share that with you all, but there it is.

  8. Know what you’re asking for before you get in too deep. Hasidic families started buying homes Lakewood, NJ about 20 yrs ago. It was followed by unbelievably rapid & mind boggling development of new housing. They quickly became the majority voting block… took over the town council & public school board (even though none of their children go to public school… the build their own religious schools). Now the public school system has basically gone bankrupt just covering the cost of transportation to bus their communities children to private religious schools via public taxpayer funds. Now the state is taking it over. And within the last year, there have been dozens of arrest for defrauding the government by receiving benefits meant for the poor… Not that they aren’t nice people but they vote as a single block and will exploit any weaknesses in your system to their advantage and are unapologetically not concerned with the ramifications to those who are not part of their community.

  9. Take the religious aspect out and they are flesh and blood like everyone else. It’s their beliefs that may seem strange to people but it is centuries old. Doesn’t bother me the way I see it is they’re fellow human beings.

  10. They don`t want to mix in with other non religious people. They segregate their women and men. Women have shaved heads and wear wigs. They are quite often poorly educated in anything other than The Old Testament. They are wealthy and own a lot of expensive property in London. As a jewish born hard core atheist I have nothing good to say about any religion so I am not being antisemitic in particular. Any religion that feels women are lesser beings and are only good for making babies and dinner are horrendous. They only want to live on Canvey as it`s cheap and not far from London…it has nothing to do with becoming part of the community. And since I was born in Southend, I feel qualified to talk about that part of the country.

  11. I don’t understand why people are anti-semitic – after every thing that has happened you would think the world would have “grown up”. Intolerance is not to be tolerated.

  12. I am Jewish and was raised orthodox. I am not religious at all but am very secular. These ultra-Orthodox Jews did not exist in Toronto or I never saw anything like them in Toronto while growing up. We wore skull caps or yarmulkes when we attended religious services in synagogue but never in the public. We were taught that we only had to cover our heads when in the presence of God in a synagogue. These ultra-Orthodox, at least to me were the remnants of those who survived the holocaust and seem like a throwback to primitive times. From what I understand, Hitler killed the best Jews first leaving the uneducated and illiterate Rural Jews for last. Jews were well integrated within Europe before the second world war. Bel Sham founded the Hasidic movement approximately 350 years ago after countless pogroms devastated the Jewish intellectuals leaving uneducated superstitious peasants. Bel Sham was a mystic who had fits and saw visions that he talked to God, probably epileptic or schizophrenic. He brought back fundamentalism and direct interpretation of the old testament not using the works of Jewish scholars who created the Talmud, the book of laws interpreting the bible and constantly being updated throughout the centuries to modernize it. These ultra religious Orthodox Jews are really an anomaly or cult and not really representative of contemporary modern Jews. They live on welfare, do not attend regular schools to be educated and productive but only study the Torah which is the old testament. They are a real problem in Israel and constantly confound the Government. I am Jewish but have absolutely no contact with them. They are highly problematic.

  13. I’m not too surprised. I think it’s just a matter of learning so about the other culture. Hassidim are by nature isolationists. It’s how they protect themselves and preserve their way of life. What is surprising is that mixed groups were able to get permission from the rebbe(s) to mix freely with outsiders, but I suppose the reason is clear, so they can find a place to expand to. Canvey Island would do well to put safeguards in place to limit the amount, type and zoning and development because the island will urbanize in short order. We’ve seen it time and time again. Because they have outsize families and patronize specialty shops, the status quo quickly becomes insufficient. They will require more and more housing, shops, schools, ritualariums, and other edifices to service the special needs of the community. If the island folk want to preserve a particular way of life, they’ll act quickly to set it up and enshrine the laws into an unbeeakable charter because they will be outnumbered. It’s a game of demographics Monopoly. Wait and see.

  14. Considering Orthodox Jews are cult like and look at outsiders with suspicion and are truly the least friendly people I’ve ever encountered it’s amazing they think we are potentially the unfriendly ones, this isn’t based on one thing here or there I went to school in temple fortune and my dad ran a business in Stanford hill I’ve had enduring exposure to the orthodox Jewish community and the fact is they don’t like outsiders


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