“It’s like serving a life sentence.”Sarian Kamara was the victim of female genit…


“It’s like serving a life sentence.”Sarian Kamara was the victim of female genital mutilation as a teenager. Now she wants to raise awareness of this taboo subject by campaigning to raise awareness. (via BBC London)

WARNING: Some strong language.



  1. Is it too “out of the box” thinking to wish that the perpetrators get reincarnated as a female. Back in the 1700’s? I know. Time travel and reincarnation. I’m reaching.

  2. This happens in the uk…..daily!!!!!!! Its brushed under the carpet.
    It is barbaric!!! People need to wake up!!
    We have sharia courts in london. 1 rule for 1 and 1 rule for the other!!
    We live in England we do not believe in FGM nor does anyone have the right to follow their own law living on english soil!! We do not believe in stoning to death nor halal, nor do we believe in beheading its barbaric!!
    Its time the uk woke up!!!!!

  3. It’s child abuse so treat it as such. If a parent hit their child over the head with a brick we would call it what it is: Abuse.
    It’s just the same when you take a blade to their genitalia.

  4. It is an offence in this country. Are all of you who come here and think you can do what you like listening!? Stuff sharia law…..its unrecognised here as our laws are unrecognised in their countries. “When in Rome you live as the Romans do”. Dont come here if you cant adhere to our laws. There is always a plane to take you elsewhere!

  5. I can’t imagine it. I just can’t. Who would think that the mutilation of little girls can in any way be linked to piety or to some warped sense of purity? I can’t make that connection. I’m not a religious man (in fact this is one of many reasons religion repulses me) but the mutilation of an innocent girl, the cutting of her genitals on the grounds that it may please some virginity-obsessed pervert at a later date. I would link that with a demonic entity, one that would cherish the thought of a girl crying in pain as her father, her would-be protector takes her to some butcher to be violated. Her life forever made worse, a constant agonizing reminder of her parents’ cruel fanaticism.

    That is evil! That is an evil that must faced and shot down with relentless aggression and with no mercy.

  6. Finally a story worth covering in this week of highlighting equal rights for women. What a waste of time money and opportunity the 102 Greta story was. Plus it was just plain wrong to air such sexist man bashing garbage.

  7. I remember hearing years ago about this. Permanent damage. A model said she had this done to her and every time she tries to have sex it causes agony. She hasn’t been able to have relationships because of it.

    How any human being can do this to someone is beyond me.

  8. The most vile violation of women. Absolutely, break through the taboo against talking about female genital mutilation so that its backward and barbaric practice can be eradicated.

  9. You really wouldn’t know that this has been a criminal offence in this country since 1985. Much more needs to be done to identify and protect those at risk and to ensure very harsh punishments are given to perpetrators of this brutality. It’s nothing less than deliberate grievous bodily harm. The long lasting psychological and post traumatic consequences of these acts must also be horrendous for victims.

  10. You have a voice that will be heard throughout the nations, and they will stop the mutilation of young girls.
    Im so proud of you for speaking out.
    And now through social media your voice will be heard

  11. What I find hard to understand is that humans are made a certain way , evolution has taken care to give us bodies that can survive and thrive.

    I know there are abnormalities etc but on the whole it’s all put together quite well , with bones to protect the soft bits and bits of skin & hair to cover & protect other vulnerable bits.
    SO WHY harm, damage, traumatise etc our children for no medical reason that has ever been established, IF there is a medical problem ok but otherwise leave well alone.
    All this heartbreak and pain for no reason at all, I have no idea how they have sex & go through childbirth.
    OR why any so called man/woman would let this happen to someone they love

  12. Years ago; probably decades, I can’t recall; I listened to a radio discussion on this. There was one woman who said that other races’ culture should not be interfered with. Not enough people report these cases. Read Ruth Rendell’s book Not in the Flesh; that deals with the subject and how difficult it is to get a conviction. I have a friend who is a midwife who once encountered a case of FGM in a patient. It’s a dreadful, cruel practice and must end.

  13. If you want to educate yourself on this matter read a book called Cut, written by Hibo Wardere. It will open your eyes to FGM. The author who wrote this has experienced FGM and is trying to raise awareness that it is child abuse.


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