“It’s hard to be a man these days.” At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, sexual m…


“It’s hard to be a man these days.”

At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, sexual misconduct in Hollywood took centre stage…and this time, more men spoke up. #TimesUp #MeToo (via BBC Entertainment News)



  1. All a great big smoke screen to divert attention away from Hollywood’s real dirty secret. Paedophile rings have been acting openly and with impunity for decades. If and when that Pandora’s Box is opened the whole thing will come crashing down

  2. The testosterone collapse and mass pussification of our civilisation is ongoing. These are feminised girly men who hate themselves and masculinity. Real women like strong competent and self-respecting men. This is a campaign by feminazis to dismantle the healthy natural relationship between men and women.

  3. No one deserves be sexually abused but sorry no support at all for those who stayed silent for years as their silence contributed to more victims after them. They are culpable in a different way to those accused. Find the guilty ones but have evidence to back it up and prove them guilty or shut up.

  4. I’m sorry if you tell a story 30 years after the incident instead of right away then it’s either because your career and looks have gone south or you want to be in limelight again.. if you have been sexually abused you report it not wait 30 years as in some cases.. it seems these celebs can shout about politics with no issues yet can’t about this.. unless they do it there and then I’d be inclined to doubt some of these stories.. They need to have the hard proof not just say so ..

  5. Hollywood has always been heavily involved with sexual assaults, groping, etc. It’s quite comical how they are suddenly all against it now and supportive of people coming forward with stories of alleged sexual assaults. They could care less. They just don’t want the dollar signs to stop rolling in.

  6. “it’s hard to be a man these days”? Yeah, okay. I’m hoping that he jumbled what he wanted to say.

    “We got together and talked, men don’t talk enough”… Yeah, that’s a huge part of the problem. Men don’t think they have to talk, to ask for consent. They expect the woman to do all the talking, and for the answer to be yes. Or just moans.

  7. Morgan Freeman has dumped his step­granddaughter for a new young girlfriend! The divorced 74-year-old cradle robber and his sexy Filipino sweetie smooched up a storm while partying in the British Virgin Islands recently, a pal reveals. “Morgan rang in the New Year by planting a pas­sionate kiss on his new gal Ellie, who’s an accountant in Los Angeles,” his pal told The ENQUIRER.

    “Friends believe the relationship could be serious because Morgan also invited Ellie’s mother and sister along.” In 2009, The ENQUIRER re­ported exclusively that Freeman had been carrying on a shocking 10- year affair with E’Dena Hines. The ac­tor never denied our story.

    The affair began when E’Dena, now 29, was a teen. The taboo relationship ended the “Million Dollar Baby” Oscar winner’s 24-year marriage, as well as a long-running extramarital affair. Now, Free­man has replaced E’dena with Ellie, said his pal. Dur­ing the New Year’s Eve celebration at his favorite island restaurant Chez Bamboo, “Morgan was having a great time,” his pal noted.

    “They kept kissing and were very romantic. They’re definitely an item.”

    (Allegedly…but he plays “god” I mean he can’t do no wrong, right?)

  8. It’s hard to be anything or anybody these days. Somebody is always coming at you for one reason or another or no reason at all. We’ve turned into each other’s worst enemy.

  9. why nobody talks about the sexual power of the women?
    yes men are weak against it, and who gave the wealth and powerful position to the men?
    isn’t the time to put stop to capitalist system that grants this powers unfairly and unjustly to some people and make an arbitrary unrightful father figure in every situation?
    is it really men?
    think about it, plz.

  10. It’s not difficult to be a man, it’s difficult to be a gentleman – oldfashioned maybe – but it means simply treating women with respect and courtesy. Some women also need to learn to respond correctly and that’ll take time, too.

  11. There are many men who have also been abused, children, young adults, and vulnerable men. This is not a woman issue. This is a human issue. Stop making this about gender!

  12. My only thing is where exactly is the line where it goes from him being interested in a woman to harassment? I mean not every man is smooth and advances may be a bit aggressive sometimes. I am not defending or condemning anyone. Ijs three sides to every story. Hers, his and the whole truth.

  13. I have a little boy and I am pregnant with my little girl. I will worry about them equally. The World can be a tough place and I hope they are both strong and wise enough to stand up for themselves. Bad things can happen to both genders. It’s should be about awareness and fairness. Not gender blaming. Only wrong doers of either sex need to change and should be targeted surely????

  14. What is wrong with people? This is very simple – male or female if someone harasses you and continues to persist with unwanted attention then it is harassment! If that harassment is of a sexual nature then it’s sexual harassment! Everyone has their own boundaries on this and it is up to them to say no. If the no is ignored then really it amounts to bullying! In both cases any normal person would agree this is gravely wrong! It is not right to impose yourself onto another person!! This works in all relationships! If you are having trouble accepting that people behave this way you need to ask yourself why!! It is ok for people to speak up against harassment – maybe our suicide rates will start to fall!

  15. “Men don’t talk to men enough.” That is a good statement. We don’t talk to each other, we don’t challenge one another to be better men, to treat women with dignity and respect. We don’t for the same reasons that we treat people poorly, that many men are emotionally fragile and hide behind a mask of false machismo.
    Men, challenge other men to be better.

  16. For some of the men who can’t keep their hands to themselves, maybe it is. For all men, no its not. I am a man and I am proud to be and am not apologising for being one, I am also not apologising for what some men have done to some women. Let those who have been hurt come out and speak out, let those who are guilty be held accountable. Do I feel scrutinized too often these days for being a man? Sometimes, yes. But its definitely not hard to be a man now than it was then.

  17. It’d almost impossible to be a man these days ! Whatever they do or say is wrong and if they so much as look at a woman it harassment – I feel so sorry for them and wonder if that’s the reason so many now want to be women ( I am joking so don’t have a go !!)

  18. Both women and decent men stayed silent about the abuse of power in Hollywood. The decent men were in a better position to speak out to support those who were being abused. An Irish actress Maureen O’Hara spoke out in the 1940’s about the abuse of power inflicted on women in Hollywood. She was ostracised by the studios until a decent male director John Huston stood up to be counted, and insisted on employing her. That’s a fact. If more decent men had stood up to be counted we would not need to be having this conversation all these decades later.

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