Ipob Members Destroy Mosque And Burn Quran In Abia State


Ipob Members Destroy Mosque And Burn Quran In Abia State



  1. If army kill anybody and you talk. let me just keep it to my self. u people will die one by one. because today is Friday everybody just come back from mosque. did your leader remember to carry his biafia hand fan when he want to run 😂😂

  2. They are digging their grave already. I just pray they don’t misbehave to the extent that it will cause chaos and prompt Yoruba and Igbo to attack each other. everyone knows how accommodating we Yoruba’s are. But don’t take our kindness for weakness. And if you do, Plenty man sha fall if you cross our lane.
    #stop violence
    #stop criticism & hatred.

  3. Ibos are calling for what they cant handle. With the way things are going my prayer is those actually constituiting all this polemica should suffer for it and the innocent ones should not pay for what they did not bargain for.

  4. All these biafra agitators
    I hope u know that if u die while agitating for biafra
    That u are going straight to hell
    No heaven for you
    Am in support of biafra but am not in support of this do or die stuff
    Some of the biafra agitators are still single, no child to call their own
    If u die, ur second name nah (sorry)

  5. Ha ha ha! Share this until the video gets to UN and Israel. For their information, it was reported that just for the fear of reprisal, Igbo traders along Ibrahim Taiwo Road in Kaduna state shut their shops today. Who’s losing? The madness the IPOB are displaying in the east is affecting the hard working and innocent ones in the north.

  6. Destroying mosque is not acceptable, killing unarmed civilians is not acceptable, killing IPOB members by the army is not acceptable!!!! Anything that will lead to violence is not acceptable!!!
    War is not acceptable
    Mr President, Maazi Kanu please let’s all resolve this issues calmly. End this massacre and destruction of places please!!!!

  7. I pity igbos because they are already digging there grave. If they involve Yorubas, they will be facing 2 great tribes. Do Igbos know the population of their brothers in the North & South-west? If you igbos love your brothers outside igbo land, stop all these and calm your self down. They should not just try to do mistake of killing just one Nigeria Army, thats when they will see Python spitting venom & biting.

  8. I’m not surprised at this news…. Lemme tell the ignorant ones something…. In the north East of this country a body rose up called boko haram that they wanted their own sovereign nation with Islamic laws… The people of the North East separated themselves from such meditation.. And hence operations were also carried out there tagged “Lafiya Dole”…. And the people of Borno died in numbers collecting fire from both sides before they finally escaped the state… In the Niger Delta were I reside the same uprising came up they were called the Niger Delta Avengers.. They wanted a nation of their own also and the populous exempted themselves from the useless ideas and allowed the army conduct the Operation Crocodile Smile in peace.. Do u know how many times Tanks passed thru my office… But we didn’t stone dem instead people took advantage of the free health care and the rest… Now it has reached the South East… And we have a body that claims that they are unarmed creating a Militia group into a country that has its own military and u expect it to keep quiet and say u people are fighting for referendum unarmed… U attack the Hausas even before the threatened date of Oct 1st.. And u still say u are unarmed.. For God’s sake are the Hausas the Nigerian army…u Carry bottles and knives and machetes and check buses for hausas to kill them and u say u are unarmed.. The international community is not foolish… Youths of the East listen and listen well.. Do not let urselves be used by rich men who are in hiding now because they wat a nation were they can rule and continue to oppress us… Instead let us sit and think.. Where would this take us to… My family my kids my parents what will be their fate… Think well

  9. You try hausa propaganda no success, now Yoruba.. We already know you guys plan.

    DEAR NOTHERNERS, I believe you are all worried by the purported and uncomfirm news coming out from the eastern part of the country mostly through online media channels that the Igbos/IPOB are attacking our brothers and sisters, their businesses and places of worship. The news are purported purposely to provoke you so that you retaliate and give a helping hand to initiate an uncall war and at the end be blame for starting the war they are calling for their selfish interest. Please note that, it is high time we show the world how educated,wise,civilises and morally sound we are against the wish of our enemies who are calling us all sort of names. Please, let’s stay calm, law abiding, patriotic and prayerful for the sake of peace.

    GIVE PEACE A CHANCE… Say NO to reprisal attack. Say NO to retaliation of any kind. The Igbos and the other Nigerians(Southeners) living peacefully in our midts do not deserve any harm. They did not do anything bad to deserve it. They are Nigerians hence, most enjoy the right to live, and move freely in any part of the country and carry out legitimate businesses. Its the Federal Government’s responsibility to defend the unity and sovereignty of the Country. Your own is to be patriotic and law abiding citizen. As our president said, The Unity of Nigeria is Non- negotiable! Remember the word PEACE! Pls Share!

  10. As far as they didn’t kill anyone am ok, pls the army should not drag us into war, it’s the eastern governors that requested that army should invade and molest the IPOB members after there meeting with Nnamdi Kanu, no hausa man is behind what is happening in Aba pls, and don’t forget our brothers are in the north too, the mosque can be rebuild but a dead person Can never come back to life.

  11. Burning of the holy Qur’an is as bad as burning of d holy Bible n burning down a mosque is as bad as burning down of a church, so I don’t support of burning down of places of worship bcos in moments like this all we need is prayers n God’s or Allah intervention.
    My Biafrans brothers n sisters, if u want God to ordained this struggle don’t touch places of worship be it a mosque or a church

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