“I’m the model in the Dove advert.. and for it to be taken out of context.. was …


“I’m the model in the Dove advert.. and for it to be taken out of context.. was overwhelming and upsetting”




  1. well said. good for you. sorry that everyone plays the racist card, gets offended. and shifts to moral outrage immediately. sorry dove apologised and did not just say that there was nothing racist in the ad.

  2. These days you cant do anything with black and white … or white and black … weird , it seems the most racist people are those being racist about racism 🙂 underneath we are all the same , every life matters , so one knee isnt just a black thing , it should be about all life ….. cops shouldnt just shoot people ….

  3. Dove should not have apologized. There was nothing racist about this Ad. What fed the drama was people reviewing the picture on social media of the ad and not viewing the entire Ad.

    I will still use Dove. It’s good for my dark skin❤️❤️❤️

  4. So the reason why this was seen as racist is because of the ugly past of American advertising. Old soap ads would feature a black baby being scrubed white. So of course dove should have taken this into consideration. However the add goes on to show the white woman taking off her shirt and becoming Asian. So obviously no harm was meant by placing the black woman first. If dove would have changed the lineup this could have been avoided.

  5. It’s amazing how we easily say ”white” but saying ”black” is a whole catastrophe;one will say “oh! it’s because Whites started it”. We must lean how to forgive the past.

  6. As an ad person, I get what they were trying to do. They were borrowing Michael Jackson’s “Black and White” video idea, having women of different colors morph into one another. They didn’t take into account that their product is a soap, and they didn’t think through the fact that a black woman turning into a white woman after using their product would be seen as racist. They made a bad choice in editing by putting the models in the order they did, and unfortunately advertising is one of the absolute worst industries when it comes to diversity, so probably nobody on the team was a person of color (I’m guessing here), who would have caught this. It goes to show that the ad industry needs to correct its lack of diversity and its appalling lack of minority and female top creative leadership.

  7. The problem is the left (backed by the MSM) who over sensationalise everything to trigger anyone who remotely might feel aggregated by this kind of thing. Perhaps these types of “journalists” should seek retraining in forming a impartial view rather than reacting.

  8. Wow! Nicely said. I am behind her. The ad looked bad to me. She is right in saying Dove should of defended their creative vision. Oh well! They don’t want to hurt sales. She is lovely btw.

  9. i don’t think a lot of people understand concepts nor want to take everything in instead of just focusing on one or two things. when you do that, you never see the bigger picture. that’s like looking up at the sky and only seeing one of those clouds or one or two birds and only focusing on those one or two things, nothing else, and it does leave people very narrow-sighted to the rest of the surroundings. time to open your minds back up, mates, life’s too short to only focus on one or two things.

  10. Initially I just saw the clip that showed her changing into a white woman. My first thoughts were that that didn’t seem right, it didn’t sit right with me. Seeing more of the add, I realise that that one clip has been taken out of context.

  11. That may not have been Dove’s intended message, but what exactly was the ad supposed to tell us? At best it was very clumsy and thoughtless, because whatever message it was supposed to convey, it didn’t get through, while a different one did.

  12. I’m so glad she’s said this. I’ve been really shocked by everyone’s reactions to the ad as I didn’t think it was racist at all. I understood what the ad was saying and the negative reaction seemed so ridiculous.

  13. Lesson is: Don’t say your sorry to all the crybabies who try so hard to find racism in everything. Like the BBC that blasts conservatives, Trump and whites…you’d think they were a bunch of gay, liberal crybabies.

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