“I am not afraid.” Former UK Culture Secretary, Tessa Jowell, has spoken about …


“I am not afraid.”

Former UK Culture Secretary, Tessa Jowell, has spoken about having a “clear sense of purpose” despite being diagnosed with brain cancer last year. http://bbc.in/2n7stFJ

(via The Today Programme)



  1. Glad she is not afraid…. lost my mum to brain cancer in 2010. The NHS was not bad then, her standard of care I would grade as a 7 out of 10….. now, who knows what it would be, think you have a 50/50 chance of quality care!

  2. Some of the comments on here are disgusting. I am as anti-Labour as they come. Both New Labour and this Nutjob excuse of a party at the moment and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Maybe if it was a someone close to you, you would be more sympathetic.

  3. I wish her all the best and hope she makes a full recovery. I am not interested in her Political Career which is not important when someone is suffering from this terrible disease. Shame on people who want to score political points and criticise her She is a woman who is ill. Just how many of us have friends with different political views? If they are ill do we sympathise with them or do we dismiss them because they do not vote the same way we do??

  4. Poor lady I hope she manages to get better. Shame on all the haters. Cancer is a horrid disease. Whether she has private or Nhs the pain and sadness still remains the same. Have any of you haters experienced the devastation of Cancer?

  5. I cannot believe the negative comments on this,thank God the positive ones out way it,whether you like the person or not having brain cancer is no joke, I was lucky enough ( because of my training) to be able to nurse my husband who had it at home after he had surgery& radiotherapy & was able to give him his chemo at home, it was hard work but he had a positive attitude, they gave him 3 months but he lasted 11 months long enough to see his son home safely from Afghanistan.

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