Herdsmen Killings: Tiv Group Protests In London, Delivers Petition To British Pr…


Herdsmen Killings: Tiv Group Protests In London, Delivers Petition To British Prime Minister

A Tiv group in the Diaspora, Mzough U Tiv UK (MUTUK), on Monday, had a rally in London to protest killings carried out by Fulani herdsmen in Benue and other states. The protest, which featured other Nigerians in the Diaspora, took place at the Nigerian High Commission and later, the official residence of the UK Prime Minister where a petition was delivered.

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  1. Some idiot will now say that the protest is sponsored by PDP!

    Whether it is sponsored by PDP or any of the political party it is well welcomed and if you don’t like the protest let sorrow and killing never depart from your family in JESUS Name. Amen.

  2. The so called SE leaders should ask themselves if leaders of the SW are fools? How many Yoruba leaders, including Tinubu, have endorsed Buhari for a 2nd term? Even Buhari’s wife and daughter criticize him on Twitter. So called SE leaders want to be more Catholic than the Pope!

  3. Once the cattles finish eating crops, they would need to drink water. Give them something to drink and they will live to come back the next day. The case is settled once and for all.

  4. What would the British government do about it? Or do you think they don’t know what’s happening here? They see it but won’t do anything, better start buying sophisticated arms and send home to your love one’s let them defend themselves. We don’t have a govt here, what we have a shithole that cares about nobody because they belong to nobody.

  5. That is Ortom arrangement to be re-elected in 2019 he has budgeted 2billion for that using herdsmen as scapegoat, Nigerians politicians’ are just nothing but Bunches of lies

  6. Thank God is herdsmen and farmer crisis which the United Nations suggested that it had been caused by global warming in which our environment have devastated the grazing landscape

  7. Gradually,Nigeria is turning to a war-torn state like somalia,afganistan,iraq etc all thanks to the ineptitude of this nepa bill certified president. What next? Buy urselves weapons to defend urselves.

  8. When ipob members were being killed, some of these Tiv people were mocking and taunting the igbos.
    They never knew it could get to their turn.
    Life na turn by turn!
    A hard life lesson!

  9. Even the media it self contributed to the spreads of all these Violences , this is because they r not doing their true journalism exercise in reporting incidences related to killings… They always gives a lopsided and a shallow reportage related to Fulani or northerners….

  10. Rubbish no amount of protest will help this situation cos the country don’t worry understand the language protest if una protest inside Queen’s kitchen nothing will change about the change u ppl clamoured for.

  11. it’s is funny when people want others to fight their battles for them. New Flash!!!! Nigeria is a sovereign state and no country can interfere, the best they can do is suggest

  12. The tribal and religious fanatic are bent on discrediting president Buhari even in international fora ….After the desperate politicians have woefully failed to used IPOB to create uncertainty and confusion, they the now disguising under herdsmen attacks by giving it ethnic and religious coloration capitalising on the fragile nature of Nigerians on issues of religion as well as tribe….more worrisome is the immaturity of the governor in handling the crisis. ..

  13. The security situation in Nigeria is worsening the security chiefs have gone out of ideas.on how to tackle this challenge.we have also lost hope in Buhari that we once supported as his shielding his brothers the fulani herdsmen who are killing people like animals.may God delivered us from the hand of Buhari and his A P C government

  14. Hypocrisy is truly a Nigerian. All these was what this man was advocating for but Nigerians in their foolishness failed to see the truth.
    Nigerians miss him more than ever before. The Restructuring group miss him because Now they don’t have a bargaining chip anymore. He was their bargaining chip but in their hypocrisy and shortsightedness they refused to acknowledge it. His ways was too rough for their jelly spine and weak minds, but they were afraid to admit it.

    Other Nigerians miss him too. He was indirectly the only opposition in Nigeria up on till his disappearance. Nigerians know that PDP and APC are the same but for some religious and tribal persuasions won’t allow them acknowledge him. They’re all learning their lessons the hard way.

    Nigerians should pray they haven’t lost another hero whom they failed to acknowledge just like Fela kuti, Ken saro wiwa, Gani Fawehinmi and so on.

  15. No tear gas no shooting if its NIGERIA the police we start shooting innocent people we don’t have a say in our land our lives are not save in our nation it’s a shame on this tyrant government

  16. Waooo I’m so sorry my brothers, so is now that your day break? OK where is your unongo, waku,and Ortom with their unguided mouths,not long ago they claimed to be more north than the caliphate,they said they are one indivisible north they said ipob is a terrorist group that deserved no mercy they insult Igbo’s they claim that Igbo is the Nigeria problem. Now the music is at your door please don’t complain don’t demonstrate just dance your music OK.Benue good morning

  17. I wonder how pple think,so what some person’s are say is that all this killing are fake,or planed,what’s your problem is it when they knock at your doors u will believe ,some are taking it personal cox they share same religion it really a pity

  18. PDP are so desperate to remove Buhari in
    2019 that they won’t mind making his wife
    their ‘Presidential Candidate’. Lols I said it in
    2014 and I’m repeating it again, the only way
    to stop Buhari from occupying the Villa till
    2023 is to beg him to not contest. If 2015
    were a shellacking, 2019 would be a tsunami!!!
    Keep for the records.

  19. The just wast there time were are when people were killied in northern nigeria in places like borno plaetau gombe kaduna taraba adamawa kaduna kano zamfara because there tiv tribe not there that is why

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