FULL-TIME: A hard-fought performance sees us take two away goals back to Wembley…


FULL-TIME: A hard-fought performance sees us take two away goals back to Wembley 💪

FULL-TIME: A hard-fought performance sees us take two away goals back to Wembley 💪



  1. The surprise reaction of Tottenham comes as a result of Moussa Dembele’s game, when everything was dark he took out his most talented version of the season. He took the ball from my Juventus and made his teammates gain confidence. Too much merit

  2. Always knew spurs had the potential to play like this.. Most other premier league teams would have chocked after being 2 down against juventus but spurs stayed calm n dominated most of that game.. They are the favourites to go through

  3. i’m happy for spurs, will shut the other fans of other leagues up…, i knew the bpl teams will come on top…, we had moyes, bredan, pelligrino and wenger leading our top teams in the champions league, i knew when we’d get better managers epl would do better

  4. What’s the point of Juventus trashing teams likes Benevento, Spal 2013 and Crotone at Serie A when they cant even keep a 2-0 at a CL knockout game at home?

    Things like these are the reason why they will never suceed in modern times. They could get as far as they could, but they will never get it, no wonders why both Barca and Real Madrid trashed them when everybody thought they actually had a chance…

  5. I’m a United fan but wakes you wonder where spurs could be if they hadn’t given Juve a two-goal head start inside 10 minutes….I’m very happy for you spurs try to kick them out at Wembley.. also congrats to city for smashing Basel 4…we are epl #GGMU

  6. Best European game I’ve watched in a long time…..Dembele and Ericksen ran that game after they went 2-0 down and they were both brilliant….Dier needs to sit for a few games and rethink how he plays. He was awful….I think Trippier would have given us more options as Aurier is just too slow

  7. Just a reminder …….😂😂😂😂😂 To all ladies …Real men won’t be available on 14th February…they will be busy watching champions league . please use arsenal fans they will be idle😁😁😁😁😁🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

  8. Mark my words english clubs r gonna rule in the football world and i can bet and it’s surely gonna happen that this time it’s gona be pl club who is gonna be the champions of Europe

  9. I’m a Liverpool fan but fair play to spurs, they didn’t bottle it after going 2-0 down and now have the advantage going back to London. Always cheer for any premier league team in Europe. Obviously Liverpool to win it though 😉

  10. I’m perplexed by this English Premier League fans now saying English teams rule Europe! It is jumping the gun for me,just to say the least. Spare me the thought but the last time I checked Spanish La Liga reign supreme.

  11. Look how far Tottenham have come, in my opinion based purely on the lack of money they have spent, Tottenham are the most impressive /improved team in the world, or at least one of.

  12. That Juve side looked so average without Cuardado, Dybala and Matuidi they lacked the attacking prowess to equal Spurs quality. Imagine Spurs without Dele, Ericksen and Dembele.


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