Former Governorship aspirant, Pedro Obaseki, calls for the ban of Olamide’s song…


Former Governorship aspirant, Pedro Obaseki, calls for the ban of Olamide’s song, science students, Says Olamide is encouraging kids to take Tramadol, weed and other drugs



  1. I dreamt I went to the bank, came out with 85k.woke up I found the exact money beside me. For the first time my dream came to reality, immediately i went to the market and bought everything I needed.On my way back home my father said”I hope you saw your school fees 85k”.

  2. A 15 years old girl went to her mum
    crying with blood stain on her hand,
    what is it dear her mum asked
    girl: i was and he sneaked into my
    room. The mum screamed anxiously
    he sneaked into your room
    girl: (still crying) yes mum he now
    touch one part of my naked body
    mum: am finished
    girl: he continue touching until he got
    to the most desirable place
    mum: don’t tell me he did it
    girl: yes mum as he got there he
    started sucking
    mum started crying
    girl: i suddenly woke up and gave him
    a dirty slap and he died. mum fainted
    girl: mummy wake up it was just a

  3. Oga you won’t go back and keep aspiring the position you cannot get. Stop spoiling another man’s business its Witchcraft…

    Unless you wan become MUSICIAN…. I just want wonder wetin you go dey sing for us…

    Team Baddo for life… Abeg no be the Lagos Baddo make i no fall for trouble


  4. sharrap man don’t you know olamide represent the street and we love it…..his music give me joy and wash away my thinking, foolish politicians sending youths to early grave.
    Hit like if you know olamide is the best when it come to street song…..and let me hear you say….SCIENCE STUDENTS….

  5. When Fulani herdsmen struck, we didn’t here from u, now Olamide has released a song, u r here complaining. Pls allow youths do their thing n mind ur political business.

  6. Oga shut up and drive
    What have you done for edo state
    How which you have done something good atleast we would have given you listening ears
    Better drive well before you find yourself inside Aduwawa pothole

  7. If you have stolen from Nigeria just know that your children will use some of the money to spoil their lives with illicit drugs…no peace for the wicked.

    As for our musicians they should try and be singing songs that will tell our useless govt the truth.

  8. Oga, u need to be arrested first for committing traffic offence of doing a real time video (no matter the urgency of ur message) thus endangering the lives of other road users. You need to be sent to a correctional facility where you would be tutored on how to manage emotions and anger specifically.

  9. See this fool complaining about indecent song, meanwhile he his driving while recording. He will kill the science student olamide is singing too now. Oya tell me who them suppose ban?

  10. well looking at your lips,guy u dey weed! don’t come here to show case your weed vibrant. we understand the chemical reaction in you right away. if i may ask you, if Olamide is your son or cousin’ you won’t be here to say all this,instead you will dance to his songs and attend partties with him just like Davido’s uncle is doing…

  11. That’s what keeps the spirit alive. there’s nothing like children in that matter. meanwhile Olamide has made his money and lock up. so bros u no know where e for dey pain u.

  12. He should be arrested for driving n making a video at same time, it’s people like u that cause traffic n accident on d way.
    There r more serious problems Nigeria has than OLAMIDE

    Who cares to know what he’s saying d song, na d rhythm I dey enjoy but really wish I could understand Yoruba
    Abeg leave my crush alone ooo

  13. I like my Edo people, we too know book…….

    Thanks you sir……. If only those that have ear can hear……if you take 50 blood sample of Nigerian youth, you screen 45 of the sample on hard drugs……… Most of them take this corticorsteroid hormonal drugs just to please girls during sex………. It’s appalling

  14. Baddo wey dey ginger Street ….wey be say you go forget sorrow …
    Baba you better go hug transformer.. Jeje..
    Olamide ton gba ope …raise up your hand science student….

  15. instead of you to co ordinate all the youths of your state to rise against politicians that have collapsed your state and seek the masses into extreme poverty , you here protesting against Olamide songs.

  16. The only thing I can see here @ first NDLEA needs to get this Obaseki arrested first because the way he pronounces the names of Tramadol and Skushes correctly am suspecting he takes them…. This man Na bad guy he know what sup die 😂😂😂😂


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