Former Ambassador Brands President Buhari Genocide Promoter, Asks Him Not To Rec…


Former Ambassador Brands President Buhari Genocide Promoter, Asks Him Not To Recontest

Second Republic senator and former Nigerian High Commissioner to Canada, Professor Iyorwuese Hagher, has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of promoting genocide on account of his administration’s treatment of the murderous Fulani herdsmen with kid gloves.




  1. As a fan of the President, am starting to feel somehow! PMB’s body language sef dey cause all these things! Honestly, PMB hasnt come open to condemned the fulani herdsmen rage on Nigerians. Its too bad!

  2. Serious genocide no be small… Human are busy dieing in there numbers and nothing is been done… Haba dan Allah sai ka che rago…. I beg enough of all this killing…. I cant wait to use my voters card wisely come 2019

  3. There would still be men of integrity ready to speak the bitter truth in the face of persecution… God would judge everyone’s action on this killing issue plus those who fail to speak the truth in the face of adversity!

  4. Even some hausas are now wiser, buhari betrayed this country and her people, even a mad man loved buhari in 2015, i never voted for governorship election but i went out on march 11 to vote for this vampire even duo my father warned me, 85% of the youths and old people voted for him, he won the election by votes, but look at how he’s promoting and protecting his fulani brothers, buhari is a disgrace to humanity

    The man is a curse to Nigerians

  5. I am not condoning this senseless killings enough please but where were you when fulani were killed in Numan and Jos of recent enough of this hypocracies, why is your voice so loud now?

  6. Who is dis man? is he truly a professor? Is he unaware abt d fulanis that were innocently attacked & brutally killed recently in taraba state? why are we playing politics with pple’s life in this country? Are we nt calling 4 d wrath of God.



    1. February 2013 Fulani Attacked Agatu burning Inoli, Ologba, olegeje, olegogboche, olegede, Adana, Inminy and Abugbe communities. Many lives lost.

    2. April 23 2013.
    10 farmers killed in an attack on Mbasenge community in Guma LGA by suspected herdsmen.

    3. May 7, 2013.
    47 mourners gunned down in Agatu while burying two policemen killed the Tuesday before in Nassarawa.

    4. May 14, 2013.
    Over 200 herdsmen surround Ekwo-Okpanchenyi, Agatu LGA killing 40 locals.

    5. July 5, 2013.
    20 people were killed in a “conflict” between Tiv farmers & herdsmen at Nzorov,Guma LGA, Benue state.

    6. July 31 2013
    herdsmen invade 2 villages in Agatu LGA killing 8 villagers allegedly in retaliation for the killing of 112 cows

    7. November 7, 2013.
    Attackers strike at Ikpele & Okpopolo communities killing 7 and displacing over 6000 inhabitants.

    8. Nov 9, 2013.
    36 locals killed and 7 villages overrun in an attack by herdsmen on locals in Agatu LGA.

    9. Nov 20, 2013.
    Attack on communities in Guma LGA, killing 22 locals and destroying properties worth millions of naira.

    10. Jan 20 2014.
    Gunmen attack Agatu LGA, killing 5 soldiers and 7 civilians.

    11. Jan 20, 2014.
    Attack on Adeke village. 3 dead.

    12. 20-21 Feb 2014.
    Herdsmen attack Gwer West LGA. 35 persons killed. 80,000 displaced. 6 Council Wards Sacked.

    13. Feb 24, 2014.
    Attack on a Tiv community along Naka road, Makurdi, killing 8 people.

    14. March 6, 2014.
    30 killed in Kwande, Katsina/Ala and Logo LGAs by attackers dressed in military uniforms. 6 villages sacked.

    15. March 12, 2014.
    Raid on Ukpiam village of Mbabai in Guma LGA. 28 persons killed. Yam barns and farms burnt.

    16. March 10, 2014.
    Former Governor Suswam’s convoy attacked by herdsmen at Umenger. He and convoy manage an escape.

    17. March 12, 2014.
    Herdsmen attack Suswam’s village in Logo LGA. 22 slaughtered. Entire village sacked.

    18. March 23, 2014.
    25 killed and over 50 injured by herdsmen said to be bearing sophisticated weapons in Gbajimba, Guma LGA.

    19. March 25, 2014.
    Police recover 7 corpses following an attack on Agena village by Herdsmen.

    20. March 29, 2014.
    Herdsmen attack 4 villages in Agatu LGA. 19 people killed, 15 others abducted.

    21. March 29, 2014.
    Suspected use of chemical weapons on Shengev community in Gwer West LGA leaving 15 people dead.

    22. March 30, 2014.
    19 locals killed and 15 abducted in Agatu LGA.

    23. April 10, 2014.
    Over 100 herdsmen attacked 4 villages in Ukemberaga/Tswarev ward of Logo LG, 6 killed,Properties lost.

    24. April 15, 2014.
    Attack on Obagaji, Headquarters of Agatu LGA, 12 youths killed.

    25. September 10, 2014.
    Herdsmen attacked five villages in Ogbadibo LGA leaving scores dead.

    26. January 27, 2015.
    17 persons killed in attacks on Abugbe, Okoklo, Ogwule & Ocholoyan in Agatu LGA by herdsmen.

    27. January 30, 2015.
    Over 100 attackers stormed 5 villages in Logo LGA, killing 9 persons in the attack.

    28. March 15, 2015.
    Egba village in Agatu LGA sacked by herdsmen,over 90 locals, including women and children killed.

    29. April 27, 2015.
    28 persons killed by herdsmen in attack on 3 villages at Mbadwem, Guma LGA; houses and farmlands razed.

    30. May 11, 2015.
    Ikyoawen community in Turan Kwande LGA invaded by herdsmen. 5 persons killed & 8 others wounded.

    31. May 24, 2015.
    100 killed in an attack by herdsmen in villages &refugee camps at Ukura, Gafa, Per and Tse-Gusa, Logo LGA.

    32. July 7, 2015.
    1 local killed and several others injured following an attack on mourners in Imande Bebeshi in Kwande LGA.

    33. November 5, 2015.
    12 persons killed, 25 others injured in Buruku LGA following an attack by suspected herdsmen.

    34. Feb 8, 2016.
    10 killed and over 300 displaced in clash between herdsmen and farmers at Tor-Anyiin and Tor-Ataan in Buruku LGA.

    35. Feb 21-24, 2016.
    Over 500 locals killed and 7000 displaced in an attack on Agatu LGA by fulani herdsmen. Over 7 villages razed.

    36. March 9, 2016.
    8 residents killed by herdsmen in attacks on Ngorukgan, Tse Chia, Deghkia and Nhumbe in Logo LGA.

    37. March 11, 2016.
    Attack on Convoy of Senator David Mark by suspected herdsmen in Agatu LGA. No casualty recorded.

    38. March 13, 2016.
    6 people including an APC youth leader killed by herdsmen in an attack on Tarkaa LGA.

    39. February 29, 2016
    11 killed in Edugbeho Agatu LG including a police inspector.

    40. March 10, 2016
    Two killed in attack on Obagaji Agatu.

    41. March 5, 2016
    Houses burnt in Agatu. Security forces prevented killings.

    42. January 24, 2017:
    15 persons were killed by rampaging Fulani herdsmen, who attacked farmers in Ipiga village in Ohimini Local Government Area of Benue State.
    43. March 2, 2017: No fewer than 10 persons were killed in a renewed hostility between herdsmen and farmers in Mbahimin community, Gwer East Local Government Area of Benue State.

    44. March 11, 2017: Seven people were killed when herdsmen attacked a Tiv community, Mkgovur village in Buruku local government area of Benue State.

    45. May 8: Three persons were confirmed killed by herdsmen in Tse-Akaa village, Ugondo Mbamar District of Logo Local Government Area of Benue State.

    46. May 13, 2017: Less than one week after many people were killed by herdsmen in three communities of Logo Local Government Area of Benue State, armed herders struck again on May 13 killing eight more people.

    47. December 31, 2017 and January 2, 2018: 50 persons including nine members of the Benue State Livestock Guards have been killed in fresh attacks on Benue communities by suspected Fulani herdsmen after they invaded Gaambe-Tiev, Ayilamo and Turan all in Logo LGA as well as Umenger, Tse-Akor and Tomatar near Tse-Abi in Nongov District of Guma LGA.

    NOTE: It didn’t start today, and neither did it start from May 2015 because Buhari, a Fulani man is President. But Buhari as President today has a huge responsibility on his shoulders to find a lasting solution to this menace.

    Those cleverly trying to forget this history, in order to cleverly create and sustain the falsehood that this is today’s problem in order to blackmail PMB are the real forces and powers behind these “herdsmen” on rampage. And they’ll lose…. Like always.


    Courtesy: Cham Faliya Sharon

  8. Any Nigerian,this so called professor inclusive, who continued to believe the senseless killings are being carried out by herdsmen does so at his own peril.At least the senseless and heartless killings perpetrated in some states like Benue, Nasarawa,Kaduna, Taraba, Plateau, and some South Eastern states sharing border with the North Central states.Arrests were made severally of criminals ranging from robbers, cultists, avengers etc dressed in Fulani gabs, who were not of Fulani extractions.The records are there for those who care to know.The media and the communities where such crimes are perpetrated all the rush to point the finger at herds men.The media hardly follow up on such stories later as way of getting the public well informed as to who the actual criminals were who struct where at what time. The media report only on the event as it happens, that is all.Were there arrests on previews crimes that occurred at anytime in the area or any where else where similar crimes were committed? The public is most of times or always left in the dark.It is unfortunate, indeed.

  9. The attacks and counter attacks may continue until justice is served, and until the issue of grazing rights is resolved. However , it is unfortunate that some people are blinded by religious and ethnic sentiments. It is a fact, some farmers are criminals while some Fulani herdsmen are criminals too, some fulanis have been murdered in cold blood too; we are all human and we have to be responsible in our approach to issues.

    The attention seeking professor needs to be objective in his approach.

  10. Some of us who helped put Buhari there surely embarrassed ourselves. In fact, we are all regretting putting the despot in power. The handlers of APC then gave us good promises on for the despot to get there and change it to Fulani murderous agenda

  11. See this country need to be RESTRUCTURED that’s all we. Lets accept the fact that we are not one Nigeria because I can’t see it let’s not deceive ourselves. This present political setting has nothing to offer us. Let’s call for true FEDERALISM. Let each region control it resources and Govern its own people, then every one can be at peace and there will development.

  12. Every thing in this country has failed let Nigeria be RESTRUCTURED. Let’s go back to the days of Awolowo. Let go be region. 2019 is fast approaching, don’t let the stupid politician use us again. The only way to go is my RESTRUCTURING.

  13. Pls, Mr. Bald head, count the number of those comments, and assess yourself and also be tolerant to the abusive ones because you invited the wrath of the BUHARIANS, and I strongly believed you didn’t voted for Baba. Then it will not be a surprise if you criticized him openly, am!!! What’s that your name? SAI BABA.

  14. Every soul is important, very Nigerian has the right to live and is the duty of a leader to protect those he lead. Failure to do that that leader has failed, of which PMB has done. Let him reap whatsoever he has sow.

  15. Using your cattle business to destroy Farmer’s business. Yet the Fulanis have no community boundary with the local farmers. The fulanis should go back to their States of origin if they must do their cattle rearing business at the detriment of the farmers.

  16. Even if Buhari does not support the Herdsmen blood conquest he his deem liable due to his Inaction(s). They’re are his people and the singular fact that they did such heinous act during his regime they(herdsmen) should know they’re not doing his regime any good.

  17. Any other candidate will be more acceptable than Muhammadu Buhari in 2019. The guy is not in tune with Nigerian realities. Sharpen your voters card and insist that your votes count.

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