For anyone who grew up in Ireland in the 1990s, Dolores O’Riordan (lead singer o…


For anyone who grew up in Ireland in the 1990s, Dolores O’Riordan (lead singer of The Cranberries) was the voice of a generation.

Gone far too soon:

Let it linger:



  1. I grew up in Asia and was in my teens in the 90s when The Cranberries became popular. Dolores was one of my all time favorite singers because of the uniqueness of her voice. She was indeed one of the voices of my generation. RIP 😔

  2. I got a chance to meet her after a concert in Hollywood back in the early 90s. It was pretty surreal she actually came up to us and asked us how we like the show. rest in peace beautiful singer

  3. Her voice was the voice that took me from my life in California to Washington state. She’s the voice of my kids first dances with me in our living room and on every trip to the store in the car. RIP Dolores ♥️

  4. This has been tough. I remember a time in my life when I would sleep on a cold winter night on a hard wood floor with a pair of books as my pillow and my winter jacket as my blanket. The only thing that got me through the chilly night was to hear Dolores’s beautiful Celtic voice on my prized possession; my alarm clock radio. With her passing I feel a small piece of me died.❤️ Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anama(Gaelic: May she Rest In Peace at God’s right hand)

  5. Hubby just introduced our almost 5yr old and 2yr old to zombie. They love it. The youngest head bangs and looses herself in the music whilst the elder one sings along. Can hear him singing ‘in your head’ when he’s playing.

  6. Not only in Ireland, but around the world. Their songs were also a huge hit here in the Philippines and to think that Zombie is one of the most sang song at karaoke here!

  7. Not just in Ireland! She was famous worldwide ! I grew up listening to her songs . I was a big fan . She is gonna be missed .
    I am a fan from Egypt.
    I had a crush on her 😓😔

  8. Not only in Ireland…’Just my imagination’ was with me during that summer holidays… ‘When you’re gone’… Your our sweet voice and music will always be with us.. Fairwell Dolores from Hong Kong… 😢

  9. This may sound silly but I will always associate her with my memory of dancing around the living room while holding my crying newborn singing along to Zombie when we lived in Texas. It stopped her crying 🙂.
    That baby is 23 now but I always associate the Cranberries and her voice with that memory.

  10. My first heartbreak for this year & idk if i’ll ever get over this, her music helped me get through my struggling years, she was an inspiration…she will be sadly missed but her music & legacy will linger forever xx

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