Footage shows guests using sheets to climb down from balconies during the attack…


Footage shows guests using sheets to climb down from balconies during the attack by gunmen at the Intercontinental Hotel in the Afghan capital Kabul.



  1. So sad to see that. After almost 15 years of invasion US isn’t even capable to secure the capital and a five start hotel. This wasn’t a war against terrorism but actually to to move US forces to South Asia.

  2. For over 16 years The Nato US along with a foreign Afghan government can’t even bring security and safeties in a capital city of Afghanistan kabul let alone other parts of Afghanistan…. Whose funding those evils monsters??? What’s happening in Afghanistan each month thousands of innocent people are dying under the names of daesh isis talibans alqaida etc… Look at Iraq Syria Libya.. The US is bringing a brilliant democracy… Well done #welcome2018

  3. Afghanistan is a cancer from where terrorism has spread to everywhere ….

    If India has ever given rights to People of Kashmir according to UNO’s resolution, it could avoid deaths of 70,0000 kashmiries in 70 years by indian forces ..

  4. As long as American Army and Raw agency is there , there won’t be peace in Afghanistan. Taliban want their country back. Country is belong to Afghan people, give them back.

  5. So sad why anyone would want to do this, tourists minding their own business and getting attacked, to be honest there is no safety anywhere for tourists, needs to change quickly.

  6. Let us united and respect other’s religions. Stop attacking one another, stop criticism, stop racism, how hard will it be that your friend’s wisdom isn’t yours? Come on People of the World #StopStopStop #3Stops

  7. Looking at these hatred comments, remind of the era we r living in. U guys better remember that humanity is still exits and sympathy won’t drain ur energy nor ur wealth so hv some respect for another human being whom also wish to hv peaceful life and integrate with other nations and form trend of fellowship.
    Before u write a comment think for a sec n press a go button to share it with others. In this regards education is must upon u who hv no manner to others.
    Growing up is second aspect, don’t need to grow up until u don’t know how to respect others learn to behave with others


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