FLASH: Speaker of the House of Reps, @YakubDogara met with @NGRPresident Buhari …


FLASH: Speaker of the House of Reps, @YakubDogara met with @NGRPresident Buhari to warn him about damage his cabal has done to his govt



  1. Having a good woman is hard to comeby…. His wife warned him but he didnt listen to him. Am sure his wife must av told him in the bedroom with soft voice and gentility that he has cabals in his govt but he didnt listen to her. And if a man cant listen to his wife who know him too well and know his weak point, forget it, that man cant listen to his followers or the nation. May God deliver us. Amen.

  2. I believe Almighty God will not allow them to succeed with dya evil smartness,
    And I pray Almighty God
    To guide you baba Buhari and drive our country to the better tomorrow

  3. He can’t worn the president, he can only advise him. We still support Buhari and will vote him again and again because he has interest and zeal in fixing this country. Every president’s first tenure comes with many problems and faults in Nigeria. We are very sure Buhari will do great in his second tenure which we are going to make it true and real in God name.

  4. Look at the nonsense this Sahara/Sowore yab on every minute concerning Buhari with Nigerian government on this rat called Maina. So the speaker called a press conference to informs you that he’s there to warn Buhari?. Buhari hatre will end your miserable life.

  5. The daura cattle rearer will never listen to him because he is the grand patron of the cabals in his government. When bloody criminals like Rotimi Amaechi, Rochas okoroaturu, Maina, Saraki and many others that sponsored his campaign are in his cabinet, where do you expect him to start from. Evil that men do lives with them. If not for the messed up system of governance in Nigeria, how can a tyrant and a bloody criminal like Buhari come back as the president of Nigeria in this modern days? Someone who served as the former minister of petroleum, and 2.8billion Naira went missing without trace up till today. The first head of states that introduced recession in Nigeria 1983, thousands of NIGERIANS perished because of Hardship he plunge the country into. Someone who said that Abacha was not corrupt and he didn’t looted any money. Buhari is nothing but a failure, he is more disastrous than volcano, tsunami and earthquake. He gat absolutely nothing to offer Nigeria and Nigerians.

  6. God bless you Dogara. PMB is going down daily courtesy of his own people. These things are not perceived anymore they are real. PMB must know that he has got nothing to lose if he brush anyone who is not doing his bidding. He over 74 an age alot don’t get to. Let him not spoil his legacy. Nigerians love him trust him stood with him vouched for him voted for him. If he don’t check these people he will fail. One thing he should know is that most Nigerian are ready to accept his mistakes if any that he is keeping these worthless people for. Let him tell Nigerians then deal with them causing him alot.

  7. All what is happening now is very tiny compare to what Jonathan did, and buhari is responding to the criticism very well like Sgf grass cutter and now maina ,in Jonathan administration he only fire who blow the whistle like sanusi vs nnpc and Stella bullet proof cars scandal, any case arise buhari is investigating while Jonathan is doing nothing, buhari is still far better than Jonathan , I know buhari will deal with the situation carefully just wait and see,

  8. The cabals/daura confraternity has really hijacked this government.
    And some blind fellows still think that the man that kept mute and being paraded as the President is buhari.
    Bigger catastrophic revelation that will destroy Nigeria is here

  9. Buhari brought the cabal close to himself so that they would do what he wants. Now ,the cabal is doing his bidding. Now, Mr Dogara is warning him. Who is fooling Who?Buhari is corrupt through and through. There is no doubt about that.His entire life has been one long night of deception.

  10. Buhari has losses the trust and confidence we have in him, by allowing cabal to take over his Govt. The issues of Babachir, Oke, even IGP are there, but bàbà refused to act,. 2019 is around the corner, he should realise the collition, within south west, south east, and south south. I don’t think Buhari will get the support again like the one he got in 2015. I will never be part of blind people, who refuse to see and say the truth.

  11. This Buhari government is good for nothing.may God help Nigerians. 4years will just go for nothing.no single achievement.what a waste of time. from day one i told everybody that Buhari is a mistake

  12. 2015, 2016 and 2017 budgets – all concentrated on North. UN aid – Concentrating on North, IMF loan – concentrating on North, NEDC – same North-East. Buhari migrated to london, lived and fought for, supported and enjoyed racial equality but came home and started practicing ethnicity. Hypocrisy of the highest order.

  13. My ppls is high time to giv space a space, sahara news dn,t create crisis in naija by given wrong information bcos AIT news hv done it to buhari nd dey never succeed,for Dogara to said is warning PMB he will never say so, he can only advice him base on d hierarchical arrangement, however for d cabal is less for dem to d right things at d right time, if dey failed dey fail dem self nd dere families nt buhari, forgiven dem d trust is something, everybody knows him is man of his words, for d matter of fact we d supporters of buhari we never discourage for a second nt bcos we achieve from him bt d nation achieve rapidly dat is our pride any order things think negative abt buhari is left for u alone, forward ever, backwards never (one luv)

  14. There’s nothing to warn our dear president on, he can only advice him in some cases, no matter any damages anyone or group trying to paint this government with will lead them no where than failure, because in PMB and APC good people of Nigeria still believes and trust in till 2023 and beyond say baba say Buhari.

  15. @Mohammed Abubakar Said, point of correction “You can still vote him again and again” NOT ” we can vote him again and again. I love my country more than an individual and a political party, so if I see someone by name Christopher who is better than PMB in 2019 , I will vote him.

  16. Buhari chose the cabal himself and he can fire them if he wants. He hasn’t touched anyone because they are all playing to the instructions given to them so let’s stop deceiving ourselves Buhari is the leader of the cabal.

  17. Even the ones we thought are learned as also acting foolishly. Anyways…there is a saying that passing six is not passing sense…if not there wouldn’t be too many educated illiterates scattered all over elevated positions in the government today. Warning a man whose ears has gone deaf by his own hardness of heart is like pouring water on a stone believing it will imbue. Buhari is not teacheable and believe me when I say that every of these scandals that have rocked this faithless,inept government was authorized by him. He is fully away and sanctions every decision this government takes. He can never change for good. Buhari is the real problem here not his executhieves though he hired them to help do the dirty jobs for him. Why has these same executhieve not raised eyebrow when Osinbanjo held sway in acting capacity?. Suddenly…buhari is back in the country and evil and bad bad things will begin to happen. Fulani heardsmen…looting…blame game….etcetra etcetra.

  18. Na Cabal Arrangement things. A clear indication that this right here is a cabal hijacked regime. Buhari’s just a helpless figurehead puppet. If the highest office in the land could have been infiltrated by rodents, it’s possible that shady rodents in human form also thrive there.

  19. Buhari is still watching all that happen in this gov’t & will respond to it accordingly, there’s no need to rush it. We know there’s also corruption issues in the NASS, so let Saraki & Dogara do the needful in their sides before coming to utter their self centred jagons to #PMB, if they really mean it!!

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