Facebook, Google and Twitter are facing a second day of Senate hearings looking …


Facebook, Google and Twitter are facing a second day of Senate hearings looking at Russian propaganda spreading on their networks. Some US politicians have suggested more regulation is needed to combat the problem – the Silicon Valley wants to avoid that at all costs.

The BBC’s Dave Lee is commenting during this LIVE Senate Intelligence Committee’s session.



  1. This is an intriguing point to think about with this. Russian groups created and promoted “fake” events for people in America to attend – which they duly did. Remarkable.

  2. “It pains us,” says Facebook lead counsel Colin Stretch. “We are certianly troubled, I’d say more than troubled, by the evidence of abuse of our platform during 2016.”

  3. Sen Warner showing a group called Army of Jesus. Posed as a religious forum… but then pushed heavily political messages. One image shows “Jesus” ready for a fight with Hillary Clinton.

  4. I am afraid if they gonna ban or restict it could be bad precedent for third world countries where social media plays pivtol role like India Pakistan and you have seen the Arab spring too

  5. Who are the witnesses in this Senate Intelligence Committee hearing?
    -Facebook General Counsel Colin Stretch
    -Twitter General Counsel Sean
    -Google General Counsel Kent

  6. Senator Risch saying that the disinformation is “much bigger” than the 2016 election. Suggests – and all three copmanies agreed with him – that it’s an ongoing campaign to destabilise and rile everyday people and their lives

  7. If you are just joining this live stream: The US Senate Intelligence Committee is holding hearings with representatives from Facebook, Google and Twitter, looking at Russian propaganda spreading on their networks

  8. Google’s immediate problem: what to do with Russia Today? US intelligence thinks its a Kremlin propaganda arm… but they have a wildly popular YouTube channel and is seen by many Americans as a worthy alternative media source.

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