European Union Parliament UrgesNigerian To Formulate Policy Beneficial To Farmer…


European Union Parliament UrgesNigerian To Formulate Policy Beneficial To Farmers, Herdsmen

The European Union Parliament (EUP) has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to negotiate a national policy framework that would protect the interests of both farmers and herders. The Parliament also called on international partners to increase investment in preventing and resolving inter-communal conflicts between cattle pastoralists and farmers by supporting cooperation through shared economic and natural resource management initiatives. The counsel was part of the EUP Resolutions (2018/2513RSP) on Nigeria.




  1. Policy? Very simple. Turn Sambisa to a state and let them reside there. You need not hire any contractor, the cows and cattle could even eat down an iroko tree standing in sambisa.

  2. That policy is what some state governments like Benue, Taraba etc have made by stopping open grazing & advocated for establishment of ranches but unfortunately some people whose hubby is to kill & spill human blood started doing what they know best how to do. Is there anywhere in Europe they are still practising open grazing now?

  3. The Fulani herdsmen killings is now a global debate.
    No thanks to Buhari’s APC failed government.

    Fulani herdsmen killers has suddenly become lords in Nigeria.
    As group that’s above the laws of Nigeria.
    And been protected by the State resources.

    What a country..
    The real masterpiece of shitholes…


  4. The EU should be acquainted with a fact that there is no any conflict btw herdsmen and farmers cuz the 72 people killed in Benue were not farmers & The Govt had argued that the killer herdsmen are foreigners..Therefore, NO

  5. God will surely punish Buhari & his evil brothers for all d atrocities they are committing against d innocent citizens of Nigeria, God is still God and we shall all see d end of these evil generation called Fulanis, Amen.

  6. Hello dear, God does not hate man, what God hates is the sin in man There is a punishment for every sin and that punishment is death (Rom.6: 23). But Christ has paid the price for your sins and it will be wrong for you to die for the sins that Christ has already paid for. Have you been involved in Fornication, Adultery, Lieing, Hatred, Backbiting, Cheating etc Christ has taken care of them. The only thing that you need to do is to accept JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and personal Saviour and take a decision not to go back to that sin. Are you ready to take that decision today or do you still want to pay for your sins? SAY THIS PRAYER: Lord Jesus I accept You as my Lord and personal Saviour, wash me with Your precious blood and give me the grace to Live a holy life. I declare that i am a new creature in Jesus name, Amen.

  7. This European Union Parliament (EUP) Resolutions (20182513RSP) on Nigeria, is more or less of a “memo” given to them by the mohammed buhari led administration. Going through the resolutions only show about an organ that is presenting its request through the lens of a government in power but doesn’t know or pretends not to anything about the inhabitants of the given country. Partition Nigeria 🇳🇬 for the sake of peace, culture, unity and economic growth. European Union please that Lord Lugard experiment is long over due if you really care about the people.

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