Do They Know PMB Is Working For Them? By Joe Igbokwe I have been following the …


Do They Know PMB Is Working For Them? By Joe Igbokwe

I have been following the conversations of some young Nigerians, I have been following the body languages, I have been following their thoughts, I have been following the interactions, their desires and aspirations, as well as their frustrations and I, am running away with the thinking that they do not know President Buhari is fighting for them.




  1. He is working for cows and herdsmen; that’s why he ban the importation of rice and approve the importation of grass for cows; that’s why he raise special military team to combat bandit and cattle rustlers but can’t stop herdsmen; that’s he went to Nasarawa to compensate herdsmen over killing of cows but can’t go to Benue to commiserate with them

  2. An old is coming with a very good approach to the problems eating nigeria for almost 60 years while the fools of us are cursing him. Please the man who sacrificed his old age for our national progress deserved any worth of credit

  3. Am happy you’re seeing it, now go tell this man pmb from me that he is a cow and he had nothing to offer Nigerians 🇳🇬.. Make him get out from their with his analog sense

  4. You can insult them, call them all manner of names because of sentiments, but you can never call them thieves.
    And they will not rule this country like hero of corruption, Take it or leave it.No amount of guilt can change the past, no amount of worrying can change the future. Go easy on yourself.

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