“Defend Yourselves”- Ortom Tells Benue Indigenes Benue State governor, Samuel O…


“Defend Yourselves”- Ortom Tells Benue Indigenes

Benue State governor, Samuel Ortom has called on the people of the state to brace up to defend themselves in the face of incessant killings by the herdsmen.

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  1. This is a last word,when a criminals don’t. Hv any option again. This is a words coming from a man who has been sponsoring militia men with sophisticated weapons,now that he his caught he is desperately using the media to distract attention

  2. What a shame? Only agitation of freedom without no harm,, lPOB, was declared terrorist organization,, But millions of Nigerian have gone to their early grave by Hausa fulanis herdsmen and the government are there watching. But he said is for nobody but for all. What a fake?

  3. F*ck you, Fulani will also fully defend themselves with utmost and available weapon at their disposal, if you are a madman, a mad governor, ruling a mad people, you will really see madness in full and forcefully strikes. Let the things go as you like it.

  4. You also have mandate to defend them.

    So far your approach is of a very lazy man crying foul and hoping for others to the miracle but a month will not pass by without you picking up the security vote.

    What is the security vote for? Only your bank account?

    Shows your visible efforts and let see how far you have gone

  5. Wait a minutes! Some ppl r here insulting the governor for saying his ppl shld defend themselves.

    Oh u want the killing to continue right? They shld fold hand and be watching?

    Let’s stop been sentimental thereby playing politics with ppls lives.

  6. That’s d only option to d herdsmen killing, but he should move forward and arm them, bcos most of them can’t buy arms. He’s d chief security officer of his state, he should be able to arm his people, he has a lot of retired soldiers from his state, violence is d only thing that this administration understands

  7. Hahahah!! Laughing in yoruba style… watching from behind.. every killing will be updated automatically.
    You thought those herdsmen are to be handled with kids gloves huh?? Rethink mr governor.

  8. My heart is bleeding right now, I am very sure this man may have gone through a lot for him decide to let his people take law. To those of you that might come against me, let me tell u something this is governments he is just a governor if IG of police and other top governments officials can’t provide security the man have nothing to do.

    Everyday killing people like chicken, for God sake what has these people done to deserve this? What has little children done to deserve this? Oh God born down any one that is behind the killing of any innocent souls in whole Nigeria and the entire world.
    You may never feel the pains until it happens to you.

  9. I sympathize with my Governor and the good people of Benue state. But want to clearly state that asking the people to defend themselves isn’t enough, Pls use every power and resources at your disposal to defend the citizens of Benue state. After all you swore by the laws of the land that you will protect the lives and properties of all Benue citizens.

  10. Most of the comments by Hausa Fulani’s here is abnormal I can understand 99% of them should not be leaving with human being. IPOB leader is right on all his prophecy on Nigeria in this current buhari Regime.

  11. This Man is playing politics with people’s life. God will punish him for the dead of innocent souls. Every body knows that u sponsored some of those killings. But I blame the President for not occupying the state with Soldiers and declaring a state of emergency in that state. Then, we will see if u will open ur mouth and talk rubbish.

  12. If they are defending themselves it should be only the attackers and not innocent people either traveling or residing in Benue. Could it be true that the governor has armed some militias?

  13. I remain curious that is it the so called immunity clause that guarantees this Governor to be sponsoring and instigating trouble leading killing of innocent citizens without being cautioned. Having known the kind of atrocities he has committed, he can go extra miles for as means of covering or, distracting peoples attention fr knowing the reality.

  14. Its a shame our we join issues with religion, tribal sentiments , people are been killed in benue , kaduna, adamawa etc and a good number of northerners on this page are ranting and speaking jargons, wat else do u expect a govnor to say wen the IG of police is been bias on such an issue, where is d love that ur religion preach? If we must live as one we shud all share and have some soft spot for the dead. Haba!!

  15. Benue happens to be one of our most peaceful north central state, but it sounds as if some forces are doing everything possible within their evil powers to install calamity in Benue.
    Almighty GOD the protector of heavens n earth expose those miscreants n apportion ur justice to them. Protect the lives n properties of innocent Nigerians nationwide.

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