Dancing Lady wearing Pampers Lol


Dancing Lady wearing Pampers Lol



  1. This is what happens when a dog licked your eyes, no shame at all. Just imagine how she has totally reduced herself, she’s a disgrace to womanhood and I won’t be surprised some will still support her and say she’s just being happy, is this the way to be happy? It’s disgusting seeing her with nappy when she’s not medically unbalanced.

  2. Just because your frd post video for social media dancing does not means you must do the same..1 u no sabi dance, u no sexy, beat go left u move right.. upon all na pampers wey u for don use for small u don Dey use now

  3. These are the kind of girl that’s makes me feel like 88.0% girls are dirty… seeing this lady I’ll not feel like saying hello to females unless when I’m drunk. Lol 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁

  4. When I say ladies are complete animals ppl wil think I just hav natural hatred for ladies but don’t kn I hate stupidity in all it entirety….
    Useless girls displaying their shallow minds… theirs just imagine this big fool showing the level of her madness.. In public. …..
    Girls only hav plenty of water in that big head of theirs and nothing more….
    Am 99.8% sure this old woman is a polytechnic graduate with a pass degree for her to be this foolish in social media….
    Displaying her dirty pad… Ashawo.

  5. Hello you reading this, how was your day? I had you in mind and asked God for these three things:
    —To bless you!
    —To guide you!!
    —And to ALWAYS protect you!!! ❤✌
    —Bye 👋

  6. Without something like this will anyone see something to comment? No, so do not complain much all we need is new post from the poster, this one has gone, that is how this world is, some will be doing while some are talking, you can’t be like them and they can’t be like you, life is a choice.

  7. There are things we don’t need to see with the eyes 👀, at this lady’s age she still remain stupid, what is she trying to prove, I dey help you shame, if you no get shame for una Street

  8. shet mehn!! buh who do madam like dis?!(: the terrestial powers that control this world are so funny sometimes…the Lord God that cured the woman with the issue of blood will visit you.You are free! Go and be made whole.

  9. Once upon a time, I learnt it was forbidden for a woman to cook for her husband during her monthly flow as she’s regarded as unclean as at that time of the month! Behold, here comes a woman displaying her semi nudity and flow💪 for all to see. A disgrace to womanhood and an eyesore to the menfolk. God have Mercy on her and deliver her from the hands of village people and marijuana! Smh.

  10. A responsible girl will send her nude to d man she loves,she will b scared dat her man should not release d nudes to d media wenever dey quarrel,while another girl will have d mind and come to media and start recording herself dancing naked,with pad abi pampers,abeg God pls blow d trumpet

  11. Everybody needs to chill, she is a Liberian comedian whatever she does should make Y’all laugh. Stop criticising on this lady she knows exactly what she is doing and that’s comedy.

  12. So if nah this kind of woman born me and i grow up nah so both my friends go don see everything wey my mama take born me…I am really ashamed of women, please women you people should try to change the world because everything that is wrong with you is caused by you.

  13. Na wa o, huanty, you now wear pampers. Stop doing weed and let better huncle see you. See as you use this video block your destiny sotale we dey see only your yeye for outside.

  14. There’s an increase in the number of lunatics on facebooks these days…can we pls go around and check whether all asylums in the country have been overrun? Its becoming too much abeg 😎😎😎

  15. This is miracle, a happily married grand mother and she is from Liberia.
    Ask for her page and follow, never a dull moment with her on every live video.
    All the girls commenting rubbish, she is a grand mother ooo with that hot and fresh skin be there with ya stretch mark and be talking nonsense.

  16. At times we do things for fun and money not minding the after effects which are the most important aspect of all decision making , I pray and hope that someday somehow we see the reality of our stupidity

  17. Well done job, i dont know why pple are talking bad of this beautiful lady who is just trying to show up her talent. Everyone has different talents in whatever ways, please leave her and let her be. Please no body show insulte, i am feeling sleeping

  18. Why this page always bring the Bad side of people not the good side when she about to speak French the gossip mill end the video so you don’t know where she come from i think who ever owns this page dose not mean well to people, that’s all i can say for now, no that woman in this video she is a French woman you can’t full me on the Internet

  19. am sorry for some people. Is this what the social media or internet meant for. Its a shameful thing. I guess she is carried away by the social media trend of madness, see her pad sef showing. Responsible ladies dont have to expose their body to be known, respected and adored. Ladies pleas stop all this nonsense trend and put on your pride, we are Africans and we have culture

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