Dancing Baby


Dancing Baby



  1. How women know how to use their yansh to do many things even from birth sef shld be d 8th wonder of the world. In fact ehn, girl children suppose dey come out yansh first 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Dats not my problem now though d dance is good to her body…
    This heat People are complaining is good oooo in a way bcos it will reduce unwanted pregnancy and over population..

    No more “hold me, i am cold…”
    “It’s now shift abeg, i am hot”

  3. Eeeei hahaha what a cute baby, I wish she was mine. She just luv music nd dance like I do

    Those saying stupid things about this baby should quit, its foolishness. Grow Up nd dnt wish something u cnt wish for ur own baby for someone’s own

  4. If you really have a child you will love this and also know that dancing is a natural thing that baby of her months do often especially when she likes the beat why not dance. Go girl, go girl i love you loads for your dancing moves.

  5. Must we make ridiculous comments out of every thing? d lil baby puts her hands on d floor to support herself, it’s obvious she’s just learning to take her 1st steps. Cute baby!

  6. I love this 👶 baby,, too much fat no allow her to stand up nd dance well 😂 despite the weight she’s still shaking her bumbum 😂 infact I have an award for you dear.

  7. Babies are smart in learning from their mother, this is what she learn from the mother. This is how one of my cousin started, everyone sees it as a joke. And she can dance pass Micheal Jackson now

  8. Some people are sick in their head how can you comment bad things about the child, she’s not what you think she’s trying to be a happy child…….jealous people minds your comments!!!!!

  9. Some people are just senseless, grown with heart filled with immoralities. If you’ve seen children grow I’m sure u will know the only way the little girl can stay firm is by putting her hands on the flour as she just started walking.
    And stop prophesying nonsense into someone else’s child life. She’s just a baby.

  10. U see is no more new thing if this little Angel can dance wit her lovely pampers meaning wat dose big mama’s and bbm ladies dose is d same ..so therefore they should stop braging and stop feeling super stars. If dis small little little baby angel can dance wit her pampers


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