”Christianity is a scam worse than slavely, Jesus and Mary are Nonsense” – Nig…


”Christianity is a scam worse than slavely, Jesus and Mary are Nonsense” – Nigerian Man Named David Amoh From Anambra State Says On Facebook As He Burns A Bible



  1. May all unmarried persons who are planning of having sex💏 on valentines 💞 day get pregnant, may all Condom tear☔💧 miraculously 😏😏😏 and let no abortion pills work for them. let a true believer says a big amen to this prayer 😂😂😂

  2. A canal man can’t understand the things of the spirit because it’s foolish to those that are perishing….. But God has choose the low and despised things of this world for his own glory……our insult won’t change him,so lets pray for him to receive Gods spirit and it will guild him into all TRUTHS and set him free John 8:32

  3. No normal human being will condemned God or Jesus,, because He is our creator,,I think that guy is insane or suffering from mental disorder,,, he need deliverance.
    God pls forgive him.

  4. U see why I tell people dat no matter what u av done, doing or what you are planning to do… God still loves u, “for God so love d world” (world here stand for sinners) …….if not na just thunder for dey strike some people instantly …bt no 2pet 3 Vs 9

  5. Hmmmm …. some persons are physical man while some are spiritual man … some are physically and spiritually +psychologically mad which is this man problem.., please which church can we refer this man to for deliverance 🤭😂

  6. Though I don’t believe in the tales in the Bible neither do I believe in any God but burning a Bible is just extreme. Why are people extreme in their disbelief? I just don’t understand.

  7. Don’t insult him because he just burn a mere book, but not the word. He can only burn an ordinary paper but can never ever burn the word of God, no man born of woman can do that not even the devil himself.

  8. He is mentally unstable, Based in Germany ,an Antichrist..His real name is Onyinyechukwu Blessedman Ezeosika.He travelled all the way from Germany to Nigeria to burnb the bible and to tell the world the level of his madness.I knew him very well.he keep forcing people to denounce Jesus and serve his Arusi.I warned him before it will be too late

  9. Your own is small even Saul did more than this still God later arrested him, may God use u for his purpose because I see the zeal in u but u are misusing it in the wrong way,I see u becoming another Paul

  10. A woman said she bought chosen sticker and pasted it on her gas cylinder, three years now she has not filled it Another person said his refrigerator developed a fault but when he attached the sticker, it worked again for him I am going to get some Lord’s chosen sticker for *MY METER*. I want to teach NEPA a lesson 😊😊

  11. Pls stop using Biafra flag … we all understand that madness done start. So why are you using nation flag to do such act. Since ur eyes done clear as u claim keep that ur preaching to ur selves. Is only a fool will said nothing like God.

  12. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with burning the bible.. He can not burn the word of God.. What he burnt is just the paper.. The bible is not really the word of God but contains the word of God.. Some bibles are electronic like Apps. So contrary to what people think, God is not angry with him at all.. God he did not offend God by burning that paper.

  13. This video is 13mins 59secs and I saw over a hundred comments in less than 2mins🙌
    As for this dude, it’s obvious he’s mentally disabled, why did he keep d Bible for 14years😒
    You’re just lucky because God is ever merciful and I won’t be surprised if u make heaven.
    If you like burn all the bibles in ur village, the word of God Remains….. His standard is set and can’t be changed….. On behalf of Ndi igbo, we offer you as a burnt offering and anybody who types nonsense here will follow suit.

  14. The bible is just pages printed and put together …I believe what makes that book holy is how the owner handles it …to him its just pages full of fairy tales and to a believer its a book of God that guides us so …I don’t blame him …it’s according to his beliefs

  15. The bible says everything shall pass away but the word of God remain the same,i pity him and his generation coming,i always prayed one prayer oh lord dont allow the sins of my parents to affect me

  16. He said the truth about the church…. Some church’s are scam and not all. But burning the Bible is wrong because the anger of God will be upon you until you repent. The word of God still remain the same no matter how many bible you burn it won’t affect the word of God.

  17. So far i haven’t seen any reasonable comment .. those who carry the holy bible even use all sort of powers so if you wanna blame don’t blame this intelligent man who has enlighten .. Something’s in the Bible doesn’t make sense .

  18. Christianity has reached the point of diminishing return in Igbo land and what you are seeing now is its manifestation.

    There is always a time for everything and change is the only constant thing.

  19. I call it REVENGE. the same way they burned down our shrines and gods,turned us away from our tradition, it’s payback time… Christianity is bondage and full if lies… Slavery in spiritual form.

  20. Chai
    It only in Anambra that u will see all this nonsense. When they are been told not to take weed, they will not listen. I can see that your village people is at work and it will never be well with whosoever that did this to u. May God have mercy on your soul.

  21. Don’t be deceived by the language. He is an ISIS fighter. One of the infiltrated deportees from Lybia. He is sent to fight against Christianity in Igbo land to make way for Islam to take over his father’s house.


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