California wildfires: The state’s governor says it is “one of the greatest trage…


California wildfires: The state’s governor says it is “one of the greatest tragedies” it has ever faced. 40 people have died and hundreds are missing.



  1. May they rest in peace. My deepest condolences and thoughts with the families of those affected.
    I hope people and animals there are safe. Stay safe and together during this time period.😢😢

  2. Cali is my state. It’s always sad seeing stuff like this. My thoughts go out to those affected and my heart breaks for every single homeowner who lost their homes,loved ones,pets,property! Prayers continue to ascend 🙏🏻

  3. I’ve lived in California for decades, and yes, we have ‘fire season’ every year, but the last few years the fires are very different. They come out of nowhere and are so fast that there is nothing anyone can do but run for their lives. Everyone is anxious and on edge.

  4. Over 20 odd large fires all over the state !is a California thing dry no rain brush very dry lighting of campers/hunters sometimes cause ignition after when rains do come the wash the mud down the barren slopes very sad to see so many Loose their lives. I went through 17 years in So Cal. Earthquake , fire, riots killer bees now I’m in So Florida watching the Hurricanes come and go!!!

  5. Santa Rosa here – The people in the burned areas are there illegally. It is understandable that they want to get home but the fire districts are still watching these areas for explosions (spray cans, oxygen, butane, etc) and for toxics. Please don’t encourage them.

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