“By speaking out we shift the balance of power back towards the survivors of abu…


“By speaking out we shift the balance of power back towards the survivors of abuse” – Tim survived abuse as a little boy and now he wants other people to tell their stories too. (via BBC South News)



  1. I’m sorry you had to go through it Tim, and I am glad you had the courage to go to the police and speak about it now. Your courage will hopefully encourage more men to come forward because there is a painfully low amount of men reporting that they were abused.

  2. Wish the US would do away with the statute of limitations, so many people could be put away for crimes they committed on children who didn’t understand what was happening to them until they were older.

  3. The worse aftershock of being abused is when no one believes you. Predators depend on family members not believing the victim. It empowers them. Victims DON’T lie. It is exhausting for the victim. Words, often, are not enough.

  4. When sexual abuse is taken out of the shadows it shines a light on the predators. The shame does not belong to the survivor. It belongs with the paedophile, only most do not feel remorse. Speak it out=Stamp it out. Best wishes Tim.

  5. So glad to see men speak up and tell their stories!!! In America we are having a huge movement on sexual abuse against women but when it comes to men they crack jokes about it on award shows. Disgusting!!! PLEASE men don’t be afraid to tell your stories, you matter more then you will ever know!! Take courage, take heart, you MATTER!!

  6. I want to say that you’re an inspiration to others (hopefully/especially for boys and men), to be able to do whatever they need to, to begin healing. I just wish it had never happened to you in the first place to make that possible. All the power to you for your work, your kindness and the pursuit to find peace of mind.

  7. He put it into words so perfectly. The self blame, the confusion, life spiraling out of control when you can’t push it to the back of your mind any longer, flashes of anger, feeling like the world is crumbling, and more self blame. It’s a hard mindset to escape from, and we carry around the abuse for years or decades afterwards. Abuse is more than a moment.

  8. Tim is a very brave man and I believe that him telling his story will encourage adults and children to tell their stories and hopefully other lives will be saved from all the damage he had to overcome over a long time.

  9. Poor man, and how brave he has been coming forward. I hope he can go on to heal and recover.

    It is staggering that some people simply do not believe that sexual abuse can cause lasting damage, and seek to play it down. We have heard plenty these days, from religious organizations to sporting ones, where those at the top are so eager to protect the brand that they repeatedly turn a blind eye.

    Shame on them.

  10. That was so touching ,I think your story will be heard worldwide and needs to be heard . I am glad you were brave enough to come forward , for other people sake ( the survivors )

  11. Every comment here is compassionate and supportive. It’s wonderful. No one is blaming him for his abuse, judging him, calling him a liar… If only people could behave the same way towards female survivors of abuse.

  12. SO Sorry, Richard Banner!!! NO you do not have blame. Was it an adult, or another teen? If there is a God, she wouldn’t punish someone for something they were coerced into.

  13. It’s an important point to make that the outcome of seeking justice goes beyond the details of conviction and sentence imposed on the perpetrator. The most powerful thing for any victim is to finally be heard, believed and supported. At least it has been for me. Good luck Tim.

  14. I know a little boy whom has went. throuugh same kind of abuses since he was 5 he’s 9 now. He’s still in same house . I pray for him and you . I pray he comes out of in one peice emotionally.

  15. This is so important. Sexual abuse needs to be stopped and perpetrators need to know they have no place left in our society. If you are a sexual predator or have predatory thoughts you NEED to get help.

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