Burnley 0-1 Manchester United Anthony Martial makes it 3 goals in 3 straight PL…


Burnley 0-1 Manchester United

Anthony Martial makes it 3 goals in 3 straight PL matches 🔥



  1. ohhhh same old mourinho. after martial score, look at his substitution. M.Fellaini for mata 72′, M.Rashford for his best player of z season J.Lingard 80′ and at last minute to kill the time Ander Herrera for goal scorer for A. Martial 94′ haha. this is what we called “PURKING THE BUS” 😀

  2. Hello my fellow Man Utd fans, don’t let this win distract your attention from the fact that,, Bakayoko came from France the media said he’s top class 40m a good bargain. Bakayoko sweats 50litres again and chelshit fans are here and there crying in pains. #GGMU😹😹😹🤣

  3. I’m a Chelsea fan and hate to admit it but Anthony martial alone is better than all of Chelsea attacking players including hazard,willian,pedro,morata and batshuayi.Hopefully conte will sign martial as man utd are pursuing sanchez

  4. Garbage defending by Bardsley why are you giving him so much space short side? Dyche needs to play someone else at right back (Lowton). Nice finish though good strike by Martial. Burnley were unlucky not to get a draw that free kick that hit the bar.

  5. United is the best team in the EPL,the giant and pride of English football, we are a dangerous team without the ball,when we play good or bad we win√√√
    We are united and we are catching up with city very soon.

  6. Biggest fraud club going. 1 shot on target 1 lucky goal in off the bar. They have been like that for many games this season. Arsenal battered them yet they won with 2/3 shots on target. The same with Stoke West Brom ect. Yet they win 1-0 by sheer luck and make out as if they are a quality side.. LOL!

  7. Booooo. Another disappointing bad calls by officials to help United!!! If and when Alexis joins United there’s going to be a major power struggle within the team. Mainly Pogba. Cuz , he always seeks attention 😊

  8. I didn’t watch the game. But i see a lot of posts about how selfish some Man United players were. I don’t support selfishness either. In football, as well as in life we have to give others their opportunity to shine. It can’t always be about me myself and i.

  9. On another note, anyone who argues player performance in football based on stats only is a joke. Stats don’t do football good justice. If we relied on stats only, we would conclude that Lampard (more goals) and Ozil ( more assists) were better midfielders than Zidane, Pirlo, Xavi and Iniesta, yet, we all know these as some of the best midfielders/ footballers ever. The reality is these guys had much more impact on the game even though some of the things they did never directly translated into a “stat”.

  10. City haters will be haters.bitt they will see City Raise the Cup soon. When Aguero & Zhecko scored two goals in 3 minutes United Fans including Sir Fergie took a Dump at Ole Trafford & we’re stunned 😊😊.Go City..

  11. JM need to sit down with United players and solve this selfishness.Sluggish and wasteful play also need to address before facing big games coming up in EPL and UCL……United players have to play as a team NOT individual…Winning might be only best thing but how you win it is also another thing that need to be considered.

  12. Burnley will be practicing headers on goal this week me thinks and ManU will be working on break-away decisions, dreadful! Pogba you are b ig strong lad put down your friggin arms every time someone nudges you and you collapse like a womans’ blouse, start working harder!

  13. Regardless of if you win 1-0 or 20-0, you still only get three points. Away from home against a tough Burnley side, we’ll take it any day of the week! Hated, adored, never ignored!!

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