”Burnaboy paid N50k to Armed Robbers to Mercilessly Rob and beat up Mr 2kay, 3 …


”Burnaboy paid N50k to Armed Robbers to Mercilessly Rob and beat up Mr 2kay, 3 Of the armed robbers have been arrested and have confessed, we now declare Burnaboy Wanted” – Lagos Police Commissioner



  1. I pray for somebody reading this message.. Armrobbers will not come near you.. Your family is blessed. Your going out and coming in is blessed the remaining days of this year you shall not receive any distress call.. Do have a rewarding day

  2. Ok…
    We shall invite the boy to come and explain his own matter in this case.
    He has a show that is coming up soon..
    We will refrain in judgement until all facts are established and proven.
    We won’t be like some people that are always quick to judge….

  3. Just 50k a guy like you instruct you to robe and beat up your fellow guy, and u forgot u might be caught in the act,,Nigerians shall,,welcome to Nigeria where u will see all kind of human, the good the bad the saint, and the idiots

  4. Nigeria Police, conclude ur investigations before coming to the public to disclose names of those involved in this act. Otherwise, it may suffer some setbacks due to the interferance of some power cartels and political big wigs. Na Naija we dey, so many waters pass under the bridge. Na who get eye dey see am.

  5. Imagine I married a yoruba woman and she did this shit to my child awooo lll world war will appear not the one trump and that short man Kim are bla bla bla ooh see combat, iron man, spider man, super man, lady gaga, lion all go surplus that day.😂😂😂

  6. So u are declaring our own burna boy wanted for free abi? The guy that has been making us happy with his songs, Nigerians can never do anything 4 free, just place a heavy bounty on him and within 24hrs we’ll bring him to ur station.

  7. Burna you wan kill again Abi? like say you don forget watin them do you for Uk the last time you had a murder case…you have to be wise i been think say people said you are a wise man abi you don loss your sense of wisdom ? He was banned and deported from uk for a gang murder and now another case in Nigeria…make your village people no succeed in bringing you down…oooo 11 months in jail no be childs play so focus alert

  8. Why does so many people have to be behind him for just a press conference? I thought they have spokesman or something, does the commissioner has to do everything. Those other police don’t they have something they suppose to be doing?

  9. I know this police man hehehe, after reading this statement I hope you won’t get fired.

    As for Burna boy I don’t blame your stupidity, I blame it on that boy shatta wale, is like he has given you Ghana weed to smoke🚬


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