Brian and Evelia are getting married – on the US-Mexican border. They’re taking …


Brian and Evelia are getting married – on the US-Mexican border. They’re taking advantage of a gate that is opened just once a year.



  1. Don’t forget mother Earth is one,which means we are all one and its our responsibility to come together and work together and take all the issues as our own issues! Compassion and service for life 👍🏼

    O good for them 🎈

  2. Allah is my and ur Lord. There is no Lord besides Allah. If u worship anything other than Allah u will get severe punishment by Him in the last day. We have faith, we have also prove. So u dont go with blind faith, its most imp, its primary to know Who is our Maker, Who created us so perfectly, why are we here, there is several religions in the world but its ur job to find which is true. bcz after u die u will return to Him. Its Allah the Lord of havens and the earth. We have faith and also 100% prove.

  3. So much fake ness. The US-Mexico border is not the old inner German border. Mexicans can legally go and live in USA. Especially if married to American. Finally US has a president who wants to do SOMETHING about illegal immigration after decades of predecessors dodging it.
    Ppl do not have an automatic right to simply walk into someone else’s country and live there.
    Especially as the traffic is all one-way. The “free movement” of labour in EU didn’t become an issue until all the East European countries joined and there was a mass exodus westwards which harmed the working-classes in the destination nations. Mass immigration is huge problem and needs urgent addressing in many places.

  4. They better hurry before Trump sends out a Tweet telling Jeff Sessions to send troops or US marshals. Oh wait, It is Sunday. Trump is playing Golf today. What an unfit lazy do nothing but watch Fox, Breitbart and infowars all day president we have.

  5. This is heartbreaking. Who on earth invented borders? When the dinosaurs were around they weren’t labelling themselves as American or Mexican or any other nationality! They were just dinosaurs. And we’re all just humans.

  6. So Bloody wrong, it’s our World, and we’re all humans of this World, don’t split us, and to split families is monstrous…..😡
    Congratulations to you both, I hope you can share a happy life together, without this madness ❤️❤️❤️

  7. It must be so insulting for the citizens of Mexico for everyone to always assume that the United States is the better place to live there are millions and millions of Mexican citizens who love their native home .

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