BREAKING: Tension In Adamawa Town As Six Mobile Officers Are KilledThere is …


BREAKING: Tension In Adamawa Town As Six Mobile Officers Are Killed

There is tension in the Adamawa town of Numan with many residents fleeing the area after at least six mobile police officers were allegedly killed by some residents.




  1. When it concerns the Fulani herdsmen..
    There’s a golden silent in the country and the corridor of power.
    If it was a different ethnic groups Crocodile or Pyton will starts dancing.

    Fulani herdsmen has killed more people than Islamic terrorist – Boko Haram in the last two years.
    But they’re not terrorist.

    Only truth and justice build a great nation.

    As usual, Same story of attacks and violence.

    RIP to those that lost their lives.
    Deaths and killings
    If not from Boko Haram.
    It will be Fulani herdsmen.
    Or physical attacks, all about killings and death.
    That’s the only sad news from the North.
    All is about killings and all evil atrocities.

    Abokis and Almajiris, if there’s any good news from your region..
    Please share.

  2. Usman Danfadio radicalized fulani’s before he finally setup caliphate at sokoto, all fulani’s herdsmen terror are being directed from sokoto caliphate where their supreme leaders are taking orders

  3. Ripple effects of the massacre that happened few weeks ago…
    But learnt the police stormed into a group of fulani mourners and they refused to give in resulting in the mess. Anyways without the right actions taken between leaders in Adamawa starting with Alh. Bindow ,Lamido and other prominent elders this could turn to something else..

    Investigation into the Massacre of the fulani kids and women should continue, the culprits should be brought to book and make sure the fulanis don’t go on revenge mission…
    We should always be able to bring people to book so as to avoid casting a tribe or community…
    I believe the Fulanis and Bachamas didn’t plan on hating each other. Love over everything..

  4. Just imagine today that 6 mobile Policemen were stoned to death in Aba (yes they’re stone throwing terrorists blocking armoured cars). What would’ve been the fate of my helpless kinsmen at Ariaria mkt.? God is teaching a fundamental lesson to stupid humanity.

  5. If You’re living in adamawa wether you’re a kilba,bachama,mumiye,minchika,margi,matakan,goza,gulak,anything wrong happened is fulani why this is not true because fulani people are wealth people any where they are they are moving with their families and their cows,they are only looking for the food not fainting

  6. I urge everyone over there to be safe. If you are using EppmeApp and you are in any form of distress or threat, kindly press the emergency response for immediate and instant coordinated response from the third responder and the authority. Your safety is assured 24/7.

  7. imagine if it was ipob that killed six police officers the igbo hating nigerian media will put it this way ipob terrorists killed six police officers now that it was the fulanis that killed these police officers watch out as they together with their paymaster in abuja Will put it six feared dead as herders and security operatives clash in adamawa and the case will close

  8. All we hear in Nigeria lately is corruption… Killings… Unemployment…kidnapping…
    suicide…Nigerians sold out into slavery….agitation for secession…ritual killings. We where promised CHANGE. Where is the change? Untill we as Nigerians begin to tell ourselves the truth by admitting that the APC lacks vision.. Purpose and agenda to offer us the real change we earnestly desire nothing will change. Let us change the change. We need a breath of fresh air.

  9. Bolon Situation Report:
    Following build up by the Fulani’s at Bolon area, the Military advanced and engaged them, they overpowered the military due to their large number. The military retreated tactically, leaving the MOPOL Unit already stationed around the area. The Fulani militias clamped on the Mopol killing FOUR.
    The military then reenforced this morning and repelled the fulanis and have to fire RPGs, taking casualties. Nos not ascertained.
    So far, the fighting is.still on.

  10. To be frank with u if our media houses are truely reporting the number of death under this goverment u will know that what happened under gej na small…. Our media bcos of fear of the unknown is under reporting the death.

  11. When bachamas were busy killing fulanis no one say anything,,they killed children of two to three years,,do you think fulanis would their hands and beg bachamas or what? wait and see,,pikin wey say im mama no go sleep,,im two no go sleep,,,

  12. Nigeria has been turned into Fulani expedition colony, they are above the law and they have the license to kill at will, Any Nigerian who dares to defend himself from the Fulani murderous onslaught is himself guilty of treason, so you have no right of defence against a Fulani neither do you have the right to escape from his killing guns, welcome to the Fulani era in Nigeria.

  13. SORRY THIS REPORTER LIED. “FULANI HERDSMEN GUNNED DOWN FIVE MOBILE POLICE MEN DURING A GUN BATTLE” . Actually the people of Numan started running out of town when they heard that some men of the Mobile Police Force were already down and the people thought the herdsmen will eventually overrun the MOPOL and attack the town.

  14. Why are you people saying killed by some residents, these killings was done by you know who but for the fact you Sahara reporters are now corrupt as the government, you are sharing lies. Say it as it is or don’t report at all…!!! Nonsense

  15. I know it will happen, after the killing of over 50 innocent women and children of Fulani by bachama people. May Almighty Allah bring sanity to the people’s of Numan and environ and Nigeria at large.

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