BREAKING: Former Mountain Of Fire Miracles Ministries Pastors Accuses General Ov…


BREAKING: Former Mountain Of Fire Miracles Ministries Pastors Accuses General Overseer Olukoya Of Illegal Importation Of Goods In US Property Dispute

Daniel Olukoya, General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), is in the spotlight in a US court after his group, one of Nigeria’s foremost Pentecostal churches, dragged some former pastors and members to court over monetary and property disputes. The sued pastor and former church members have in turn accused the General Overseer of engaging in fraudulent activities in the US, including evasion of duties owed to US authorities.




  1. Sahara b careful! Last time you wasted ur energy and resources in tarnishing the image of apostle Suleiman and God did not make ur dream see light now is pastor Olukoya , be care full !!!!!

  2. Accusations of disgruntled, sack pastors! When they where incharge running the affairs of the church , as a Christian pastors that they were, why didn’t they blow the whistle then? I won’t take side but the D. K. Olukoya that I know can’t be rubbish and go free! Some of his pastor in Britain tried it but failed. They all came back to him for forgiveness and integration .
    Time shall tell.
    God have mercy on your children

  3. Pastor Dr D.K. Olukoya is a man called by God. If you have been under his message or you have read any of his books then you will know what he can do. So be careful of what you say here. The truth of this matter will be known very very soon in Jesus name.

  4. I reserved my comment, let God fight for Himself, if you can battle with Him oya go ahead…

    For those running their mouths like damage water tap, look at yourself, are you okay with live, are you satisfy with yourself, do you need help? Read the story and watch the next scene how it will go.

    Don’t bit what you cannot schew or don’t give your children what they cannot bit or schew.

    Tomorrow you go say who dey do me, watin I do way life hard me like dis, or which kind sickness way no dey go…you know go know say you don touch not the anointed with your words.

    No be every man of God you go join hand to pull down because God Himself get FAVORITE.

  5. Something like this happen in Gambia west Africa in mfm , when a pastor try to corner the church as his own , trust educated and great men of God , the pastor was throw out and he went ahead to form his own church nearby and went away with much member , after about 3 year , Mfm was restore in Gambia to higher church and the said pastor could not survive and the church he form too down the drain !!!people know who you touch and watch your utterance

  6. Sahara reporter, you guys are gradually digging your grave.
    Very soon you’ll move from Olukoya to Adeboye.
    Dr DK Olukoya is a no nonsense man of God.
    Many pastors in Europe have tried several times to tarnish his image but God didn’t permit them.

  7. I used to join the prayer line organized by the same church, but the address and name then used to be Mountain of Fire, Bowie, Maryland. I was shocked one day when I joined the prayer line and the name has changed to Christ the Trust Ministries, but the same church address. That’s was when I stopped joining the prayer line. Someone gave me the number of the prayer line and I fell in love with it, but the name change gave me a goosebumps.

    I totally understand Pastors in the US would go extra miles to work for a ministry and later moved on. The same had happened to Winners Chapel in the same Maryland. The pastor was sent to Nigeria and he decided to resign and start his own church in Maryland, but he rented his own place and moved on peacefully, though many members followed him. Churches in the US and around the globe seems to be a business not charity organization anymore.

  8. When has a man of God become a supernatural being that someone can not correct, i think men of God were among those who turn the house of God into money changing, buying and selling arena before Jesus flock the hell out of them

  9. Hello guys. Find the truth and sell it not. Before all of us starts passing our verdict, av we taking our time to go through those images attached to the writing? Even if u r not a lawyer, u will understand the simple language in which it is written.

    Please let’s be careful and not fight God’s battle for him. He will fight his battle because it is not for us to fight. Please let’s take our time to read those papers attached to the writing cause only then can we know the truth.

    Thank you.
    E se.

    P:S- plaintiff/respondent–it means a person who has taking a matter to court. Or, the person that is “sueing” someone

    Defendant–It means,the person whom the plaintiff/respondent has taking an action against in the Court. Or,whom the plaintiff has sued.

  10. This guy called former pastor is playing with fire 🔥of God. You want to drag Man of God Dr Olukoya name on the ground, what makes You live mountain of fire in the first place, Your envying want to make You incurred the wrought of upon Yourself, family and associates, Sahara report mind a kind of news You publish to the public, be careful.

  11. I think since the donations for the property was from MFM members in Bowie. The property belongs to MFM. The pastor should have gone somewhere else to start his church not on the property that MFM members contributed towards. Also, why are you now talking about the books? Why didn’t you reveal this earlier?

  12. I am a member of mfm since 1995 we are having internal problem which G.O is ignoring the problem is not with the G.O but most of our pastors, most of the pastors we have now are different from the once in 1995 this set of pastors are very greedy, they are not born again at all, some of them became pastors when they are jobless. Here in the UK most of the pastors came here illegally so as a result of that they can’t work things are very difficult for them the only option left for them is to go to ISUA trainning in mfm become a pastor that is where my G.O is missing it, until we go back to where we started from those pastors that were called by their stomach will continue to disgrace G.O and we the innocent members. I have to change my branch because of this unrepentant pastors so Olukoya is not the problem but his pastors.

  13. Sahara reporter please stay very far from anything that has to do with mountain of fire and miracles ministry, Dr. D. K. Olukoya that I know does not associate with evil, remember nobody try nonsense with the God of Elijah

  14. Well it’s a bad idea for a Muslim to comment on xtian activities, you get mauled for doing that. So mfm best of luck. I love what you guys are doing in the Nigerian premier league though. I wish we could have more of that.

  15. SAHARA reporters, this man of God is not the regular type you mess with and go free. You have closed the heavens over your destiny.
    Enjoy your solitude and everlasting extinction by FIRE🔥.

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