Boko Haram Attacks Adamawa Town, Kills Five Five people were feared killed Frid…


Boko Haram Attacks Adamawa Town, Kills Five

Five people were feared killed Friday by suspected Boko Haram insurgents in an early morning attack in Kaya village of Madagali in Adamawa, residents and local officials have said.




  1. Boko haram is technically defeated said Mr liar Muhammad and now what we are hearing is boko haram attacking here and there. Hahahahahahah they are technically operating. APC don’t worry 2019 is near by.

  2. I Hope Femi Adesina Is Taking Records So That When The Number Surpasses That Of GEJ They Will Start Doing The Needful. We Have A Government That Value The Life Of Cow More Than Human Life.

  3. I wonder if Nigeria Military are incapacitated, they allowed Bharam regaining strengths this days, Attack by these cursed and heartless human beings of recent is too much. We are loosing our Populatuon to various killer groups in this country

  4. Forget Buhari, the other time he was shouting that bokoharam has came to an end, pls someone should help me ask him how comes innocents ones were killed in Madagali of Adamawa state today? Upon all his herdsmen were doing presently. This Oldman has no shame at all.

  5. yesterday Herdsmen attack, today Boko Haram. what is Buhari and APC really doing? precious lives are being wasted on a daily basis and little or nothing is done about it. is this the CHANGE they promised the masses? nowhere is safe anymore. so much uncertainties in the air. what is wrong with Nigeria? do we have a government? too many questions begging for answers… the cardinal responsibility of any government is protection of lives and properties of its citizens.

  6. May Allah bless boko haram
    And may buhari keep supplying dem with weapons bought with d 1billion dollars he recently signed
    May dey also wipe out d sons of Ishmael
    And all Fulani’s

  7. That’s actually sign of technically defeat by FG & naija securities..
    Naija politicians should continue playing politics with human lives, everyone will be accountable by his actions one day…

  8. I have been saying that sahara reporters is working strongly 4 pdp to tackle PMB Government, how should medial like Sahara reporters that well non turn to fake news publisher?, i wonder where this world is going cause of money and join bad gang.

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