Barack Obama said his new official portrait was “pretty sharp”, while Michelle O…


Barack Obama said his new official portrait was “pretty sharp”, while Michelle Obama greeted her painting with a “Wow!”



  1. Michelle’s portrait looks as if Gustaf Klimt did an underpainting then simply got bored with the thing and quit.

    Odd that a woman of color extolling girls of color would have an ashy black and white painting of herself.

  2. Those are not flattering.
    Michelle was a really good dresser, so why paint her in some abstract dress that is the exception to her style?
    Pres. Obama looks good in a formal setting and wears a suit well, so why put him in a casual position amongst greenery?
    Well whatever. They deserved better, that’s all.

  3. I love the actual drawing of Barack but still can’t wrap my head around the background. Why couldn’t he have been sitting in front of a backdrop of downtown Chicago or something? Decades from now, if this exhibit still exists, people will look at that portrait and have zero idea who Barack was as a man and president.

  4. I believe Obama was not only the president of the US, but also a president and an example for the world. I admire him and his wonderful wife so much. To me, Obama demonstrated what diplomacy and kindness are about while Michelle gave hope to all women all over the world.

  5. You all must live in caves…obama/clinton are in knee deep trouble…obama was not a president, he was a pretender, he covered up the fact that he was completely inept at playing a president.

  6. Mr. Obama the former President of U.S.A was great leader with nice personality, very kined and generous, I could proudly say he was an example for the world.
    I admire him very much.
    My dear American’s be proud of him.

  7. The likeness of Barack is very good, missing a little of the spirit of humour. I don’t think he should be sitting in foliage though.
    Michelle’s painting does not capture her likeness or spirit. Her pallor is frightening. The dress is lovely.
    As important paintings, these fall short in their representation.

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