Arsenal 4-1 Crystal Palace The Gunners come out firing with 4 goals in the fir…


Arsenal 4-1 Crystal Palace

The Gunners come out firing with 4 goals in the first 22 mins



  1. Sanchez was dragging them down. He was world class when things were going well and should be appreciated by fans for helping them win some trophies. But now no more begging for the ball, then losing it, then whining and pouting when nobody passes it to him. Now bring in Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan and Arsenals January will be better than most of their summer transfer windows I can remember in recent history.

  2. We are honoured to win against crystal palace. They are the biggest and hardest team to defeat in Europe. We are going to win the league when season end, if we signed world class rejects like aubameyang and mkhitaryan this transfer window. These two would combine with ozil and lacazette to make our own fab 4, which will be better than those of Liverpool’s.

    City cannot win every game, they will slip and we will win everygame from now on. In wenger we trust. Please stay in our club forever. Future of our club is very bright!

  3. Crystal palace should have equalised if they had given these two penalties, and that goal scored by Shaqiri was never offside, place outplayed Arsenal with 3 hitting post, and many chances wasted. Arsenal are just lucky to win it today. YNWA

  4. arsenal fans should be ashamed of their selves cop on and support your team plastic babies like you are the reason players like sanchez are jumping ship go support psg if you wanna see a team always win get behind your team !!

  5. Now watch out for “Wenger In” Placards in the next Arsenal game..
    It’s very easy for Wenger to blind fold English Arsenal fans😂😂😂
    English Arsenal fans are a #Disgrace to world football…😕😕😕

  6. Nov 2017_Cech is one clean sheet away from being the 1st GK to record 200_clean sheets in EPL
    Jan 2018_Cech is still one clean sheet away from having 200.
    My question is,wen ws d last tym Cech kept a clean sheet and wen z d next tym he’ll keep a clean sheet?

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