An The Emirates FA Cup fourth round tie against Newcastle United beckons…We’re…


An The Emirates FA Cup fourth round tie against Newcastle United beckons…

We’re through to the fourth round of the FA Cup!

Chelsea: ✅✅✅✅✅
Norwich: ❌✅✅✅



  1. Lol😂😂😂,
    Chelshit really are SMALL TEAM😂😂 their lads even against mighty NORWICH Dives😂😂😂,

    I not blame refree for sent off
    FLOPRATA & PEDRO ” out of the pitch😂😂,
    Totally they disgrace to football!
    Dives #DAMN😂😂😂😂

  2. Graham Scott is a disgrace haven’t seen a referee with such a clear agenda since Mark Clattenburg Scott needs to be investigated. Bad performance but no decision went our way VAR is doing great isn’t it!

  3. Floprata? = red card.
    Pedrolol? = red card.

    But but it doesn’t change the fact that Bakayoko came from France the media said he’s top class 40m a good bargain. Bakayoko sweats 50litres again and chelshit fans are here and there crying in pains. 😹😹😹🤣

  4. Great to see that man united is not alone on this one
    Man united:we are the kings of draws
    Chelshit: hold my beer
    Even man united plays Chelsea they will both draw even after shootouts

  5. Funniest thing that conte was in the referees face after extra time yet after pens he becomes all pally pally…loved to see his reaction if Chelsea lost that penalty shootout

  6. I don’t really stand up for Chelsea but the referee’s decisions today were purely biased. They had about two really clear-cut shouts for a penalty but the ref instead booked them for simulation. I mean, this is a cause for worry for other teams who are bound to play in the FA cup. If the VAR can’t identify a push from a dive, then practically every team will have a player sent off in the fourth round.

  7. Dear FA, don’t make a joke of this VAR. The highlights are getting meaningless. Could you please put a ban on referee Graham Scott? A lifetime one? He is terribly substandard. Don’t ditoriate the level further.

  8. This referee should go and retire from referring football his mates have retired from referring his eyes is not functioning even me I can do this job more than him he is too hold and his eyes is weak. That’s why you hardly find FIFA calling up English referee’s because of their incompetent, and it was this same referee who gave west ham a penalty when lazini theatrically went down and lazini was ban. To be sincere ever since mark clattenburh left there is no referee I trust and I respect and who is competent like Michael oliver and Andre marriner

  9. I really cant understand why so many think that was a Penalty against Willian. He jumped before that very little contact. Nobody falls from that, and if that scene was in the chelsea box and he gave the penalty you would all say:” how can give that Penalty?!” Come on guys, open your eyes.
    And why dived Morata in that kind of situation the whole season?! Its the Premier League, he’ll never get a penalty for that. If he doesnt dived he is in front of the keeper…

  10. VAR if that’s your name or what, you are totally suspended and you wil be staying at your home because you cannot bring confusion into the favourite play that i like (football) introducers of var please take VAR home. Well up chelsea, The sky is blue.

  11. Great to see a referee do his job and not be a “homer” and bottle it in front of thousands of one eyed Chelsea supporters, Morata and Pedro need to stand up and be counted they were looking for a soft call every chance, good on you referee, hard luck Norwich.

  12. I never liked it when Ferguson ruined football for 25 years with his buying the ref, with unlimited injury time that only went when they were winning and unlimited pens but no one else got any and buying the ref of the team above them so they would get loads of pens against them. But when Ferguson left it was the best thing to happen to football for 25 years of buying refs, but then conte came and he has done the same ever since he came and that’s how they won the prem last year. With unlimited free-kicks or if someone scored against them it would be offside always and if someone would be above them they would buy there ref. And today proves that, getting your players to dive all over the show to get some pens and unlimited free-kicks but this ref wasn’t being bought today.

  13. Luck does exist because Michy and Cowyoko somehow made it to professional football….Someone please wake me up when Morata finally kicks a ball, Chelski should hire scientists and surgeons to clone MoCOWta’s head and replace his feet with it….😂😂😂

  14. Teacher : Students you won’t be drawing for the rest of the month because CHELSEA are doing all the drawing for the rest of the month

    Chelsea has now draw five times in the month of January consecutively


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