A perfect hat-trick from Sergio Aguero ensures a 3-1 win for leaders Manchester …


A perfect hat-trick from Sergio Aguero ensures a 3-1 win for leaders Manchester City over Newcastle



  1. We are city we rule England , we rule Manchester, we rule Europe we are the king in the north the shark team. We have Guardiola i dont think you understand it he is better than Mourinho he is better than Ferguson he is simply the best, 3points, and Aguero hatrick did us good😇😇😇😇

  2. Sane was superb tonight like he played really well he just cut through Newcastle defense like butter…if Manchester City had bought Sanchez, it would have been quite hard to bench him but still well deserved points.
    Manchester City own the league but Kane owns the golden boot

  3. i dont know what got to the refs they are so clumsy and effecting much matches with big decisions
    like brighton was robbed two clear penalties against chelsea which could have changed the direction of the match
    and city was given a free penalty today due to mr diver sterling diving with minimum contact , the same actions in which chelsea players was booked for mire than five times in the last fa cup fixture agai’st norwich
    this refs situation is getting really bad and the officials must put an end to it and level up the ref game as it used to be in england
    the country of football

  4. United supported be like YES we have close the gap to 9POINTS and it remains three matches more for CITY to loose we gonna catch up soon,it sounds so funny forgetting that they have to loose to the top six teams SOONER or LATER and you gonna finish the at 4th or 5th, city had seal the EPL title since 2017 up#ctid#cityzen💪☝☝

  5. Hate to rain on the hat trick parade but that was not a hat trick for Sergio. Sterling dive was minimal contact which should not have been a pen. Regardless if it was, the cross from Kevin Sergio didnt touch. People say it grazed his hair but if you go back and look when he flicks his in the direction of the ball the momentum of his head is what makes his hair flail. Doesnt matter 3 points is 3 points. Congrats on the win. Sincerely a Chelsea fan.

  6. I believe that first goal was for KDB buh he too is comfortable with an assist other than a goal. Well played city tho. I loved it when Newcastle decided to attack, it seemed to be working for them.

  7. Manchester City is the BEST football club in History !!!!

    1st place is sorted now, just remains a big fight between Manchester United down to Burnley for 2nd place and below.

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