A new signing for Everton Football Club… | Welcome to your new home…


A new signing for Everton Football Club…

🔵 | Welcome to your new home…



  1. Even though i hate Everton but I’m sure he’s now joined a bigger and better club than his old club, he’s now have 99 percent of winning CL than at Everton than when he was at assanal, YNWA

  2. Brieuc Courtois Auryan Arcoly moi qui disais justement qu’il se faisait des couilles en or à Arsenal depuis 12 ans, il part faire de la concurrence à Bolasie ahahaha

  3. Left arsenal 4 years too late. Footballers should want to play football, not be content with sitting on the arsenal bench for years on end. Good player on his day, time to restart his career.

  4. Hmm. Even though im a Liverpool fan. Seeing Theo walcott transfer from a club who could win maybe 1 trophy this season, to a club that will win absolutely nothing, a smart move….
    No wait. It sounded better in my head. Dumb, just utterly dumb😁😂😅

  5. Everton’s attack has been so dull this season. This guy will liven it up for sure even if he is sometimes wasteful. He has a point to prove to everyone and Everton will benefit from that 👍

  6. You’re not good enough to play for a London club then move to Liverpool oh my god probably do better at Everton could see him possibly winning something Lake break a leg or two

  7. I found it hilarious in the articles when he said he wants to move Everton into next level a player can’t even get into regular first 11 squad saying things like that big words from a flop why didn’t we sell him years back .

  8. Rune – forstår ikke Arsenal. Inden næste sæson start kan de have mistet Sanchez, Ozil, Ox, Wilshiit, Walcott + Chech (for gammel). Sådan transfermarkedet er nu vil det koste mere end 2 mia. for at få samme el. bedre kvalitet ind.
    De skal have Draxler, Aubameyang og to andre stjerne spillere for noglelunde at spille med om top 4.
    Gider dem de henter det?

  9. Irving Zambrano se cae a pedazos el Arsenal lo estan desmantelando prinero Ox Chamberlain al Liverpool ahora Walcott al Everton despues sera Alexis al City y Ozil que tbm podria salir al Dortmunt no le quedarà nada

  10. Hi!whoever is reading this,I understand how rough things are right now.I just want to let you know that things will get better,I promise.keep holding on and praying to God just a little bit longer.I know you feel like nobody really cares.you’re wrong,stop denying it.I care,otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.you’re not alone,we may be miles away but we’re all going through the same things .please keep holding on.

  11. English Leagues are odd to me, Locals support their club yet their manager is forgein and nearly all the team or all the team is forgein yet they are proud of their club, proud of what exactly?that your foreign owner knew to buy good foreign players and managers!?

  12. Good luck to the lad. Did well for arsenal at a tough time, contributed to RVPs best season at arsenal with all them assists, scored over a 100 goals for a big club from the right wing, no penalties in that. He’s no mug, he will do well at Everton and I can see them playing to his strengths. All the best Theo, thanks for your contributions to the Arsenal 👍

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